Hi everyone and welcome to this weeks blog post. It has been a long week and very busy week. Mainly because it was the performance of Hamlet and Macbeth this week. As well as that I was busy with work so overall a rather hectic week. I have tried just move on from the EU Referendum and all the political news is just depressing me further so I am going stay off the topic of politics this some of you may be pleased to know. 

Because of the plays this week I had taken some time off work because I didn’t want to chance delays on the train or be rushing around like a mad thing. It did meant a short week at work and as things are a bit busy I do feel guilty for taking time off. However I’ll catch up over the coming months.

So really the big thing this week for me were the plays. This is the annual outdoor Shakespeare performances and we were doing 3 performances of Macbeth and 2 performances of Hamlet. This year we were performing at Head of Steam, Darlington Railway Museum. I seem to be making a habit of performing theatre at railway museums this year. Some regular blog readers (if I have any) will probably know that I have already performed Hamlet on four occasions already this year. It was the same production with some slight changes to cast but overall same show. Macbeth though we haven’t performed so would be new to us all. If you are interested in what parts I played I was Rosencrantz in ‘Hamlet’ and Lennox in ‘Macbeth’.

I have never studied either play and only seen the David Tennant version of ‘Hamlet’ on DVD and when I was at sixth form college I saw the Performing Arts Students version of ‘Macbeth’. That is about as much I knew really of the plays. So getting to grips with these two plays has helped broaden my experience and knowledge of Shakespeare. for both we were performing reduced versions. For some audience members this would be a good thing (full length Hamlet is about 4 hours our version is 1hr and 30mins). For me performing and having not known the plays beforehand it initially made it tough for me to get my head around. So I have read the full text of Hamlet and Macbeth and this helped me understand them more.

The biggest challenge we had performing though was the weather. Thursday was terrible weather. It was cold and heavy rain. Amazingly though we had a fab audience who took it out and sat through it. I know myself and the rest of the cast had huge respect for them for doing so. So thank you again for sitting in the cold and the wet. The weather  was still cold for some other performances but we carried on and the audiences stuck it out. The last performance probably had the best weather although it was still windy. I suppose outdoor theatre always has this risk.

I have enjoyed the shows a lot. Yes it has been stressful and sometimes after busy days at work or dealing with stuff in my personal life this year I felt I could have done without a rehearsal or felt I had taken on too much. The performances are over now and I want to say to any cast members reading this I have the biggest respect for you all. You are a great bunch of people who care about what they do. Working alongside all of you has made the experience enjoyable. Some of the cast I know are moving on to new things and some are pursuing their dreams and knowing the talent they have I am sure they will make their names.

For me now I have time to myself again and I have decided to take a year off from performing. Not because I hate it, far from it but I need some time to sort things out in my life and I want to develop my career more as well. Being involved in a show is time-consuming and if I am going to do it I will do it properly as the last thing I want to do is let others down. Looking ahead I’m not sure I can make the necessary commitment. So I need a year off to get myself back on track. I do have heavy heart saying this as I do enjoy it but this year I have been involved in 3 different shows and it has been a lot on top of work. I have also been doing this for four years now and I think my fifth year is a good time take a short break. I hope after a year if there is a opporuntuty I can involved again but until then I have to take this time off. Whatever show the group do next year I will go and watch though.  I made the decision before the performances because I wanted to know that when I said my last lines in ‘Macbeth’ on Sunday that was it for a year. I hope everyone understands why I am taking a year off.

Tomorrow I am off work so will use this time to tidy my room which is looking like a disaster zone at the moment and then find time to sit and work out my goals for the next 18 months.

That is it for this week. I hope to get a couple of extra posts this week as I have my Mid Year review of my Resolutions to do and I want to start a monthly book blog post. So lots to look forward to I hope.

So until next time bye for now.


Top Programme of the Week – Game of Thrones

Top Song of the Week – Queen – Under Pressure

Book I Am Currently Reading – The Pier Falls by Mark Haddon