Well we are now over half way through the year. Scary to think 6 months has now passed since I sat and made my resolutions for the year. The world is certainly a different place than it was 6 months ago. I am a bit nervous to sit and review my year so far and the progress that I have made on my resolutions because things I don’t think things have moved forward. However lets stop the early excuses as look at how things have gone so far.

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Get My Own Place

Well as I am writing this blog post in my room at home it is clear that this hasn’t happened yet. I’m not ruling it out this year though. I still believe it will happen this year. After the last 6 months I now have little reason to stay in Darlington. It isn’t the town it was and certainly feel I don’t belong here anymore so need to look forward to new horizons even if that is just as far as Durham. So lots of work still to do on this resolution. don’t worry as soon as I do move you will all know.

Have a holiday (at least 5 consecutive days) 

I have had a bit of a holiday back in January but not 5 consecutive days. I went to Edinburgh for 2 nights which was great and did me a load of good but it obviously want the 5 days I said I was going to do. Still it was a bit of a holiday which is better than nothing. It would be nice to have 5 days away but I’m not sure how likely that it. hopefully I can get another weekend away at the very least. So some progress on this but not quite hitting target.

Go Out & Have More Fun

Well this is another complicated one. I’m sat here thinking when did I last go out and have fu this year. Yes I have been busy but that doesn’t mean having fun. I suppose once again I am going back to January when I went to Edinburgh for the weekend and I had a day out in York. I have been to the theatre a few times as well but that is it. I certainly need to do more on this resolution. I think because I haven’t been in a good place mentally this year I have become withdrawn so motivating myself to do something fun has been a struggle and because I have become withdrawn my social relationships have suffered as well-meaning less opportunity for fun. So some major work still needs to be done on this.


Answering this is more awkward than being asked at a family get together. I haven’t been on dates this year. I have had one of those things where it may have been a date but I’m not sure so I’m not counting that. So love life is certainly non-existent (ironically Backstreet Boys ‘Show Me The Meaning of Being Lonely’ has just started playing on my iPod). I’m not sure what I’m going to do about this. I have tried online dating and although I have had the odd date nothing has happened really. I suppose going out more is another way but I’m not the type of guy to ask someone out in a bar. Answers on a postcard please for what I can do.

Amber Warning

Improve my Personal Wellbeing/Mental Health and Fitness.

Like many people I sorted the year feeling positive and active but over the months this has faded. I got a Fitbit to help motivate my fitness and this seemed to help but I went to competitive  with it and pushed myself and others too far. So taking a break from my Fitbit for now but I do need to get more active again. My mental health hasn’t been good this year. If I am honest with myself it is probably the worst is has ever been. I was using the Headspace App which was also early this year and I felt it did help but since stopping using it I have struggled. I have become too wrapped up in myself and when I have stopped to take breath and look around at people close to me I have realise dI have falling a lot further than I thought and is taking a long time to get back up the hole. I have been scared to talk about how I have been feeling as well and when I have touched on this in my blog I think it just makes it worse. So for the next 6 months I need to really work on my wellbeing particularly  my mental health. So lots of work to do on this resolution.

Take More Chances 

This was about breaking routines and trying new things. Say yes more to opportunities. I haven’t done this year. I know it is vicious cycle but when you are struggling with personal wellbeing your confidence is at a low  so you are less likely to take chances I probably haven’t even seen them when they were there. I need to be more aware of things and seize any opportunity that comes my way. This could be in my personal life or professional life. Whatever it is I need to seize it and see where it takes me.

Make More Time For Myself and Others

I have been wrapped up in myself this year but this isn’t the same as making time for myself. When things were bad not long ago I took some time off social media because I felt this was making things worse. When I did it I felt better and could breathe for the first time in while. I had planned on putting one day a month aside for me. With no social media and just do something relaxing and indulgent. Now my diary is less busy I could do this so hopefully progress in the next 6 months. Making time for others though is one that I am ashamed of. I have already said I have been wrapped up i my own misery and self pity this year that I haven’t stopped to check how others are. Sorry everyone for not getting in touch or checking you are ok I need to try to make amends if I can. So this resolution has lots of work to do on it.

Learn To Drive

No this hasn’t happened and I also said I wouldn’t tell anyone if I had until I passed either so nothing really to say on this.


Go To More Live Music.

I haven’t been to any concerts this year and have nothing planned. I hope some gigs do come up this year because I really want to see some music acts live. I think I am going to have to look a bit further afield than the North East for music gigs. Any suggestions anyone?

Start A Professional Qualification

Due to time commitments with the plays I haven’t had the time to start this. Now that I have finished the shows and don’t plan to of any next year I have a good window to start this. So no excuses now.

Write A Book

I haven’t started writing a book but I have been carrying a notebook around with me and making notes on ideas for a book so there is some progress there. Once again it comes down to setting aside some time to start this.

Learn To Salsa Dance

This was on my resolutions because friends seemed to want me to do this. I suppose I could look into this further. It might even help with my fitness levels.

So there it is my mid year review of my resolutions. Basically some small progress in areas but overall I need to make a much bigger effort.  Let’s see where the next 6 months take me.