Hi everyone and welcome to this weeks blog post. This week i will be discussing my first week since plays have finished, Euro 2016, coffee shops and Wimbledon. I will once again avoid the topic of Politics but may return to it next week. So let’s get started.

So it is a week now since the plays ended and for the first time in months I have not had to rush out after work for a rehearsal. I’m still catching up on some things but hopefully in the coming days I can sit and plan what I want to do. I think I need to sit and have a good think about what I want to do and more importantly how I am going to do these things. In the mean time I have lots to do at work so that is keeping me busy but I to want some fun stuff as well and make sure work/life balance is healthy.

Euro 2016 has finished this week. I haven’t been that enthralled by it this year. No team really impressed. Iceland and Wales were the teams that stood out football wise. I watched the Wales Portugal game and was hoping Wales would do it. I’m not Welsh (although some people think I am, seriously they do) but I always want to support the Home Nations. Sadly it wasn’t to be for Wales but at least they played the best they could. I have to admit though the Portuguese team also stood out or should I say their kit did anyway it is over now and I didn’t even win in the Euro Sweepstake.

We may not have done well in Euro 2016 but at least there was better luck with Wimbledon this year. Great to see Andy Murray winning once again. A lot of people knock him and I don’t know why. He is certainly our best tennis player for a long time and it is clear how much it means to him to win. I think he is great role model and at a time when things are all a bit scary and chaotic it is nice to have something good to cheer.

Regular readers and those who know me will be aware that I do like my coffee and one of my favourite past times is visit coffee shops. Usually it is Starbucks but over recent months I have been falling out of love with my local Starbucks. The store is quite tired now and it is not that clean and on 2 occasions now I have received food on dirty plates and all they do is change the plate and swap the food over. So with that I have been trying other places in Darlington. Costa is ok and Nero is not bad but I want something less standard. Last week Cafe W opened in Waterstones replacing Costa. Now I thought it is another chain and it sort of is but they choose local sourced food so thy have bread from a local artisan bakery and pies from a local butchers. They also do good coffee so this might be my new coffee haunt. Another bonus is that because they don’t do frappuccinos the local gangs of teenagers are less likely to go. The only thing I would say is that it needs more small tables (for 2 people) but maybe they will as they certainly have the space for some more. My love for Starbucks hasn’t gone totally as I still go to one on my way to work but on a weekend I want somewhere I can sit hassle free and Cafe W might be the answer.

Well that is it for this week. Apologies for the lateness of this blog I seemed to have slumped since finishing the plays and I’m getting distracted by all the political turmoil that is happening in the UK.. I need to get back on track and post on time. I promise I will try harder next week.

Top Programme of the Week – The Musketeers

Top Song of the Week – Rick Astley – Angels on My Side

Book I Am Currently Reading – Purity by Jonathan Franzen