Hi and welcome to this weeks blog post. The week I will be discussing having a new Prime Minister and a new Cabinet, Pokemon Go, Ghostbusters and Newcastle Pride. So let’s get started.

I am still adjusting to not having any rehearsals or shows at the moment. I’m guessing my diary is as busy as David Cameron’s is now – blank. So I need to start filling it with fun things. So I probably need to plan some stuff to do and catch up with some friends.

OK let’s get the politics over with first so it is easy to skip over if you don’t want to read it. So this week the UK/Great Britain whatever we are now post referendum has a new Prime Minister. Teresa May is our new Prime Minister and out of the five possible contenders she was the best of bunch and they are words I never expected to say. Which ever political party it is I always find it fascinating when we get a new Prime Minister and I always have a tinge of sadness when I see the previous PM leaving Downing Street. I know they are always OK afterwards but still it must be a very emotional day. This is  then counter acted with the new Prime Minister arriving and entering Downing Street. We have all had that feeling when we have started a new job and if it is a job we have always wanted it is a special feeling. I would love to know how Teresa May celebrated getting the job. I secretly hope she danced around Downing Street just like Hugh Grant does in Love Actually to Girls Aloud but I guess she didn’t . Only time will tell what type of Prime Minister she will be.

A new Prime Minister also means a new Cabinet and within hours of being appointed she appointed some of the top positions. After her speech in Downing Street I was quite hopeful then I hear the news that she has appointed Boris Johnson as Foreign Secretary. I know I wasn’t alone in being surprised in this appointment. I spent the night just saying out loud “Foreign Secretary…really?” . That position is one for someone who is serious and diplomatic and Boris isn’t that. Fair enough she wanted him in Cabinet but give him something where he can’t cause an international incident. Lets see how he does. I do admire her though for giving the Leave Campaigners roles to do with Leaving the EU. After Referendum they all seemed to try to jump ship and what Teresa May has done is said to them you wanted it then you can’t walk away you have to help sort it out. I’m pleased she got rid of Gove and Osbourne but she should have also got rid of Jeremy Hunt as well. We will have to see how the Government goes. That’s all the politics over with for this week (I’m not even going to start on Labour just yet).

So while Teresa May was sorting out her Cabinet millions of people were wandering around outside with their phones in their hand looking for Pokemon. Yes Pokemon Go was launched in the UK this week. Now I didn’t really get into Pokemon in the nineties although I saw the cartoon a few times but that was it. This new game though is great and I like the fact it makes you go outside and find them in real places. Yes it is still a computer game but the idea of finding them where you are is fun. It is making me go for walks more which I had stopped doing over the last month. Pokemon GoNow I am back out walking and it is good to do. Even joining colleagues who are also out Pokemon hunting and gives me chance to chat which I haven’t done for a very long time.  So far I have about 36 different Pokemon. It is good fun but it does drain my battery very quickly so I have charge my phone a lot more. What I find amusing is that when I am out looking for Pokemon it is very obvious when you see other people also looking for them. It is certainly a shared experience.

As well as Pokemon hunting I have also been to the cinema this week to see the new Ghostbuster movie. I went with low expectations as I had heard mixed reports and from the trailers I wasn’t totally convinced it would work. I am also not a fan of Melissa McCarthy. I still wanted to see it so off I one to see it on Friday night and even went to see it in 3D. I have to say though I actually quite liked it. I think the 3D element helped with this and it is a rare film to work well in 3D. I thought the balance between serious and comedy was just right and nice acknowledgements to the original films. Chris Hemsworth steals the show though and I didn’t realise how funny he could be (as well as sexy). If you haven’t seen it then sty for the credits as there is a great sequence involving him. There is also a scene after the credits which is setting up a possible next film. So my mark is 3.5 out of 5. Go and see it.

The final thing to mention this week is Newcastle Pride. This took place this weekend and I had been trying to decide whether to go or not. I couldn’t make Friday or Saturday unfortunately so only option was Sunday. I did go and I had a great day. Before this I had only ever been to Durham Pride which is brilliant but on a smaller scale so it was interesting to see a larger Pride. It felt more like a music festival and I would certainly go again next year but probably the Saturday and stay for the whole thing. Newcastle Pride If I do go though I will invite friends and see if they fancy it as it would be even better with a group of friends. I wanted to go for a number of reasons. I wanted to see what a larger Pride was like in a somewhere I didn’t know as well, the other is that after tragic events over recent months involving the LGBT community I have wanted to be more open about my sexuality and Pride is a great way to do this. What always strikes me at Pride is that wherever I look I see people being allowed to be themselves with friends and family, I also see straight families there with children because they want to teach them that it is OK to be whoever you are or want to be. This gives me hope for the future because it means the next generation will grow up being more open-minded and accepting of others and that can only be a good thing. So for people who say why do we have Pride I would say go to one and look around and then you will see why Pride happens and why it should always happen. Maybe one day I will go to London or Manchester Pride.


So that is it for this week. I’m still working on my book blog post for this month so hopefully will get this up on here this week in between Pokemon hunting and watching the latest political instalment and finding time to sit and sort out what I want to do for the next 12 months or so. So until next time by for now.

Top Programme of the Week – The Musketeers

Top Song of the Week – Ward Thomas – Carry You Home

Book I Am Currently Reading – Purity by Jonathan Franzen