I have dabbled in the past with a book blog and never really found my style or format. They always say you should blog about something you know about and enjoy. My weekly blog post is just a round-up of what I have been doing and what is on my mind but I want a regular book blog post so here is my attempt at it.

Once a month I will discuss books I have read in the last month, the book I am currently reading and recent acquisitions. I suppose you could call it a Past, Present and Future format.

I’m not saying I will be an expert at this but I would like to enter the world of book blogging so stick with me and I hope you enjoy.

Books I have read in June 2016

The Lie Tree – Frances Hardinge ( Panmacmillan, 2015)

This won the Costa Book of the Year 2015 and as a result there has been a lot of fuss around it. It is a Young Adult (YA) book that is about a girl called Faith searching for the Lie Tree and answers to events that have happened in her life.  Like a lot of very good YA books it works well for both adults and children.

The Lie Tree

Int is an intriguing tale and refreshing that it has a strong female characters especially for the period that it is set in. It did take a while to get into the book but once I did I loved the story.

The format I read was Kindle E-Book.

Rating 3/5 (Good)

Macbeth – William Shakespeare (Oxford World Classics, 2008)

Who doesn’t know the story of Macbeth? Well I didn’t until this year as I never studied it at school. The reason I decided to read it this year was because I was lucky enough to be in a production a  few weeks ago (I played the role of Lennox). The version we were performing was a heavily abridged version which is ok to perform but to understand the play better I needed to read the full script. I bought the script back in January when I visited Scotland as I felt it was the right place to buy a copy of Macbeth even though it isn’t set in Edinburgh. Have you ever bought a book from a place you have visited and the story is set there?


The play is certainly one of Shakespeare’s darkest plays and features some of his most famous characters.  What struck me about the play was how relevant it s today in the current political climate. If you haven’t read it then why not give it ago as this yea res the 400 anniversary of Shakespeare’s death.  I hope to read more Shakespeare this year and maybe even try some of the Hogarth Shakespeare Retold series.

The format I read was Paperback.

Rating 3/5 (Good)

Current Read

Purity – Jonathan Franzen (Fourth Estate, 2016)


This was prize from a Goodreads Giveaway. I haven’t read any of Jonathan Franzen before although I do have both ‘The Corrections’ and ‘Freedom’ waiting to be read. At 563 pages and small print it is going to take me some time to get through but once I do I will report back on the next available Book Blog Post.

The format I am reading is Paperback.

Recent acquisitions

Straight Jacket: How To Be Gay and Happy – Matthew Todd (Bantam Press, 2016)

Straight Jacket How To Be Gay and Happy

This year I am very much into my non fiction and books that are self-help style books. Straight Jacket appeals because it is by Matthew Todd who was until last month editor of Attitude magazine. This is a magazine I read and know that Matthew Todd is someone I admire as a writer. I am nervous about reading it as it maybe too close to home but at the same time I want that conversation and although this is one way conversation it is one that I am missing in my life.

Format is Hardback

After Alice – Gregory Maguire (Headline, 2015)

After Alice

Gregory Maguire is most famous for creating the ‘Wicked’ series which led to the hit musical ‘Wicked’ being produced. This time he turns his attention to Alice from Alice in Wonderland and focuses on her sister who she leaves on the riverbank and her friend Ada who follows her down the rabbit hole.

I have enjoyed the Wicked novels so I am keen to try this and it is also quite a short novel as well.

Format is Paperback

The Reader on the 6:27 -Jean-Paul Didierlaurent (Pan, 2015)

The reader on the 6:27

As I travel to work each day by train I have an interest in books that are set on trains particularly involving a commute to work. ‘The Reader on the 6:27’ is about a man called Guylain who recited aloud from a book that he has saved from the pulping machine.

It looks as if this will be a very quick and charming read and I can’t wait to get started with it.

Format is Paperback

Children of the Master – Andrew Marr (Fourth Estate, 2015)


I do have an interest in politics and if this is the genre of a fiction book then brilliant. Andrew Marr is the BBC Journalist so knows the subject well. He takes this knowledge and turns it into Political novel. His last one which I also have waiting to read from a few years ago has even turned out to be quite correct following the EU Referendum.

Format is Kindle E-Book

So there you have it my first monthly book blog post looking at books i have read currently reading and recent purchases. Please do let me know what you are reading or even better what you have read in the last month, current read and recent purchases. I hope over time this series of book blog posts will get better.