Hi everyone and welcome to this weeks blog post. This week I will be discussing the hot weather,   hay fever, Labour Party Leadership, and 10 years on Facebook. So let’s get started.

How is everyone this week? For me it has been a bit of an odd week but I also feel as if it was a week which was the start of something new I just can’t put my finger on it.  Anyway another week has gone by and I even finished my book blog post for the month as well. I hope you liked it if you read it. As I mentioned in it I have wanted to do a regular book blog post and I hope I can get into the routine of doing a monthly book blog. Don’t worry I won’t be stopping this weekly post but I do want to do other types as well.

As a Brit I suppose it is only natural that I talk about a topic is a cultural fascination and by that I mean the weather. I think summer arrived in the last seven days  (and has maybe left already). It is nice to have hot weather this thing is we are not used to it so it becomes a struggle when we want to do everyday things such as go to work, work, eating, sleeping etc. The biggest issue was what to wear for work. I had to try to pick clothes I felt were smart enough to go to work in and not leave me in a west sweaty mess once I had arrived. I sort of managed it I think but not sure I could have made it longer than week. The other issue was commuting. Just as us Brits are not designed for the heat neither is our transport system. The trains weren’t too bad early on a morning but coming home the air con never worked and the carriages were overcrowded with holiday makers. This does not make for good commuting conditions. I did sleep better than I thought I would though which something.

The heat wasn’t the biggest problem for me this week. tis weekend I have been suffering with hay fever quite badly. I do get it but not usually that bad but over the last few days it has been terrible. I thin my sneezing record so far is 6 consecutive sneezes. It has been a bit better today but it is still driving me mad. Hopefully I can get back to normal soon.

Ok now I am sorry talk politics again this week but I have wanted to have my say on the whole Labour Leadership debacle. Now I am a bit reluctant to do this but for this very reason I need to just clarify how I feel about it all. Now if you disagree and many and that’s  fine but this is my blog and my view and how I feel about it. It is no secret I am not a Corbyn fan. I didn’t vote for him last year but hey he won and I wanted to give him a chance. I had wanted give him at least a year in the job so he could settle into the role and I could get an idea of where he was taking the party. unfortunately I haven’t lasted the year and this is for a number of reasons.

1)EU Referendum – We voted to leave fine I have accepted that. What I did struggle with during the campaign was as a Party member I had hoped to see my Party Leader fighting heavily to stay in the EU. Yes he was in favour of staying in EU and spoke about why he thought we should but without any passion or commitment. On polling day even before the result I saw the standard clip of him leaving the polling station and for some reason I didn’t believe he had voted to stay. I don’t know why I felt like that. He said he had voted to stay and I should believe him but I had doubts. Maybe it was because he said he was only 7.5 out of 10 in favour of staying in the EU.  This didn’t show much commitment and as my party leader I wanted more from him.

2)Abuse of local MP’s – I have a lot of respect for my local MP. I have known her for a long time and know she genuinely cares about the people of the town and the North East. She stood down as Shadow minister and since then the abuse on social media that she has received is appalling. It is like a modern-day witch hunt by some members of Momentum and it is upsetting to see.

3)Momentum/Labour Party – I joined the Labour Party because I have always supported the party and felt it reflected my views and represented me. In recent months I have been feeling less and less like a member of the party. This Momentum group (which I admit I know little about) seems to have taken over the party and anyone who voices an objection is trolled online. It is well organised I give them that but this isn’t the party I joined. It genuinely makes me scared to be part of the Party. The only thing keeping me at the moment is loyalty to my MP and also if I left who would I vote for other than Labour.

Is all of this Jeremy Corbyn’s fault no it isn’t but I feel he isn’t in control of other things around him and is slow at responding to some of these things. I don’t feel as if he is in charge more that he is the puppet and someone else is pulling the strings. My hope is that Owen Smith wins the leadership contest if not I will have to have a serious think about whether I belong in the Labour Party.

Ok that’s my political moaning over with for the summer now I promise. Right the next thing I wanted to briefly mention is that apparently I have been on Facebook for 10 years. Yes 10 years ago today I went on Facebook for the first time. Back then you needed an academic e-mail address to join which I did because of work. A lot has happened to me in 10 years and I have shared good and bad times on Facebook. I know some people dislike what it has become and fair enough but is has been good as well and for that reason it is why I still use it. I am certain a lot more is going to happen in the next 10 years as well.


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