The Olympics have now started in Rio and I can’t help thinking back to 4 years ago in 2012 when London was the host. When you look back at things you realise a lot of things have happened so I thought would take this moment to look back over the last four years of my life at the things I have done and any reoccurring issues. For an athlete the years between the Olympics are important years. I don’t have the same focus but a lot has gone on in the last four years and it is important to take note of this good or bad.

1)Created my Bucket List – I still have a lot of things to tick off on this list which is good I suppose but I need to start completing some of these now.

2)Bought a Kindle – I finally  went to  the dark side and bought a kindle. I use it but still read predominately print books.  Since the London 2012 Olympics I have read 91 books.

3)Got into acting – this is probably one of my biggest achievements in the last four years. I have performed in ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’, ‘The Tempest’, ‘Under Milk Wood’, ‘The Merry Wives of Windsor’, ‘Still Life’, ‘Hamlet’ and ‘Macbeth’.

4) Took part in the Global Corporate Challenge – This really focused me on my physical health and I made some good progress while taking part. I am frustrated with myself for not continuing this good work and I know I need to get back into this.

5) Became a full-time Supervisor – One of my biggest achievements in the last four years. It is hard work but it something I enjoy. It hasn’t been smooth sailing all the way and I have had to learn a lot about myself and dealing with things.

6) Attended my first Pride – Taking part in Pride has been a great experience. I am still getting used to be ‘being out’ and Pride is a great way to remind myself why I need to be myself and that others do accept me for who I am.

7)I went to the Great North million Opening Ceremony – this was a once in a lifetime experience and was just a brilliant evening. It made me proud to be from the North East.

8) I have embraced my Geekness – I have always been a geek but in the last four years I have embraced this side of me. Whether it is watching movies, reading graphic novels, watching TV shows it doesn’t matter. I’m a geek and proud.

9)Attended the Gordon Burn Book Prize – I always wanted to go to book award ceremony and I was able to got to the announcement of the Gordon Burn Book Prize a few years ago. I still have the ambition of being a judge on some Book Award Panel (anyone reading this who can help make this happen let me know)

10) Saw Kylie in concert – a childhood dream was fulfilled when I finally saw Kylie in concert. It is the best concert I have ever been to. It was such a great night. I just need to see the Spice Girls in concert now.

11)Saw Michael Buble in concert – Genuinely blown away by his talent. A magical evening even though he didn’t sing any Christmas songs.

12)Coping with family events – The last four years haven’t all been good and in recent years it has been tough on family members. Hopefully for those involved things are improving but it has been a difficult and testing time for everyone.

13)Attended my first Comic Con – I have already mention in number 8 about embracing my geekness and this is one way that I did it big style. I got to meet Bonnie Langford, Gareth David Lloyd and Ray Park.

14) Had a wisdom tooth removed – I haven’t had a tooth removed for years but last year I had to have a wisdom tooth removed. Hopefully no more will be needed to be removed.

15)Still at home – One of my biggest disappointments. I need to get back to a position where I can do this and just go for it.

16)Struggled with my personal wellbeing – Although at times I can be selfish I do sometimes neglect myself especially when it comes to my own wellbeing. In recent years I have put my wellbeing on the back burner but this has led to very difficult times for me and impacted on my health, relationships with friends, family and colleagues. I need to address this as I have looked back over the last four years and realised every one of those years I had this issue but each year it gets a bit worse. 2016 has been my worst for my wellbeing. I need to draw a line under this and start improving it. The fact I haven’t had a proper holiday in the last four years says it all.

17) Relationships – My love life is non-existent and despite going on some dates things haven’t worked out. Maybe it wasn’t the right person, maybe I’m not in the right place mentally or even physically for dating. I have also neglected family and friends. I have taken some people for granted and pushed others away. Some have just drifted and I either noticed and let it happen or worse didn’t even notice. I’m certainly lonelier now than I was four years ago.

So there you have it 17 things in my life from the last 4 years. I hope by the time the Tokyo Olympics start in another 4 years I would have had a better 4 years than the last 4.