Hi everyone and welcome to this weeks blog post. This week I will be discussing wellbeing, Olympics, Labour Party Leadership and Star Trek Beyond.

Someone once said when you want a break but felt like you can’t take one is the time you need one the most. I’m paraphrasing and I’m to sure who said it but there is a lot of truth in it. It also sums up how I’ve been feeling lately. I started the week feeling very tired and exhausted. I always say I won’t let myself get to this stage but it just creeps up on me sometimes and I have to manage it. This last week it crept up on me and it has been a struggle. I have some time off work later this week so hopefully this will help. When I’m tired like this my mental wellbeing struggles too but I have managed to get through the week. Let’s hope a few days off will get me back on track.

MY TV viewing all week has been taken up with the Olympic coverage. I find myself watching sports  I wouldn’t normally watch . This week I have watched diving (in the green pool), gymnastics, shooting, judo, cycling, volleyball, beach volleyball, golf, tennis, athletics, and even trampolining. I’m amazed at how these athletes push themselves to reach the standards they get to for a medal. It doesn’t matter what colour medal they get they are still an Olympic Medal winner. You can tell how much it means to them when they are on the podium with the exception of Bradley Wiggins who thought it was acceptable to stick his tongue out a the national flag while the national anthem was playing. He should be ashamed of that behaviour. Anyway let focus on all the success Great Britain has had and hopefully will continue in the coming days.

I briefly want to mention the Labour Leadership contest. I’m not going into details but this week I  went to a local Party event to nominate their candidate for leader of the party. I was in two minds to go as I didn’t want to end the week in a room full of people saying one person was better than the other. I did go though as I want a new leader and although I don;t agree with everything Owen smith wants to do I think he has a better chance of winning an election. It was an interesting night and some great speeches from both sides. Two things struck me that night. The first was a young guy talking about why he felt Owen Smith was the right person for leader. He talked about how he felt at the last General election when he believed in Ed Miliband. It was very heartfelt and got where he was coming from. I felt the same after the 2010 election and the EU Referendum.  Out of all the speeches it was the one that struck me the most and afterwards I congratulated him on his speech. He had been so nervous and even had to put up with a Corbyn supporter walking out during his speech and I wanted just say well done as I’m not sure I could have done it, I waste even sure if I could face going to the event. The other thing that stood out was talking to other people who shared my view about the future of the Labour Party. IF I mention my views on social media I just bombarded by Corbyn supporters on why I’m wrong and what they think of me so to be in a room with people who all different views I was able to talk with others who shared my opinion. I realised that others do feel the same and it has reassured me a lot more. The result of the meeting was to support Owen Smith as leader. I was pleasantly surprised at this. Hopefully going forward he can win the leadership contest. IF you don’t think the same then fine I totally respect that but please respect my decision as well.

Finally I went to see Star Trek Beyond at the cinema. I enjoyed the other 2 film and this was just as good. It is of course a big sci-fi blockbuster but it also if only briefly looked at the relationships of the characters and the impact of being in space. I really enjoyed it and liked the references to Leonard Nimoy as well.

Well that is it for this week. I hope I have a better week ahead.

Top Programme of the Week – The Olympics

Top Song of the Week – Invictus Choir – Flesh and Blood

Books I Am Currently Reading – Purity by Jonathan Franzen