Hi everyone and welcome to this weeks blog post.  I hope you found the book blog for August interesting it is slowly coming along this additional blog post and all feedback is welcome. This week in my regular weekly blog post II will be discussing ‘train gate’, return of Bake Off, signs of autumn, and my personal wellbeing. So let’s get started.

This week has certainly been dominated by trains this week. In the news there was all the fuss about whether Jeremy Corbyn had a seat on a train or not. Now the whole thing has blown up out more than it needed and at the heart of it all was a serious debate about the state of the UK rail network (I’ll get to that shortly). When we first saw the news story about Corbyn sitting down on a train on his journey to Gateshead from London I’m sure we all knew it was a publicity stunt to raise awareness of an issue. Theres absolutely nothing wrong with that. However the story did suggest that he was sat on the floor the entire journey which it appears he wasn’t.  I wasn’t surprised that he took a seat because I guessed from my own regular train travel there would be somewhere for him to sit and not sit on the floor. What puzzled me was why didn’t he book a seat in advance. The event he was going to was on the 11th August. Now I was  invited to apply for a ticket for this event on the 6th August. This is plenty of time for Jeremy to have books d ticket and a seat in advance as after all it was the Leadership hustings so he knew he had to go and probably knew about the date and venue a few days at least before I got invited. So lets say he didn’t book in advance which means the ticket would cost more (I’m hoping he paid for it himself and not Labour members). Now comes the date whether it is ok to sit in a reserved seat. Regular train travellers (and I guess with his job he does travel a lot on trains) know that it is acceptable to sit in a reserved seat as long as you are prepared to give it up for the person who has reserved it if they come to sit there. Some reserved seats are never claimed or some are for certain parts of a journey only. He chose not to initially and sat on the floor in between carriages. Now as a regular train users this is regarded as bad practice because sitting in this area takes up more space than standing and move every time the train arrives at a station because the door in use changes depending on where the platform is at that station. So sitting down was proving a point but he could have made the point by standing up as well although he didn’t need to as after all there were seats.

OK rant about Jeremy Corbyn’s seating arrangements is over. On a more serious note the date about the state of the rail network is a serious one and it does need looking at. I use the East Coast Main Line everyday Monday to Friday and delays are becoming common, rail fares are going up, the actual trains are still the same as they were when I started commuting 11 years ago,some trains still require you to lean out the window to open the door and come trains aren’t even electric. So yes Jeremy is right major investment is needed in the network. Whether that is by a private company or by Government I don’t mind as along as it happens.

This week saw the return of the Great British Bake Off. Now the Olympics are over it sort of feels right that we snuggle down on the sofa for an hour watching people bake cake. I’m pleased it is back. It is a bit early to have favourites yet but give me a few more weeks and I’m sure I’ll have opinions on them all. This week they made a drizzle cake which is something i have never made and need to try as I do like a lemon drizzle cake. They then made Jaffa cakes. Now I don’t like chocolate and orange together, I know many people do but for me it is not pleasant so I don’t eat Jaffa cakes but I do know you don’t dunk them like Paul Hollywood did. Now this leads into the debate over whether a Jaffa cake is a biscuit or a cake. For me I see it as a biscuit and not a cake which would make it more acceptable to dunk but I still think it would wrong. I was surprised they didn’t discuss this on bake-off as it was a controversial recipe choice as it was Cake week after all. Have your say on the poll below.

The final recipe was a mirror glaze cake which seemed ok but no real views on it either way. Next week is biscuit week so interesting to see what they do then. I had also better get thinking about what to do for the work bake-off when that takes place.

Bake Off is a sign that summer is nearly over and that autumn is on the way. I have mentioned on here recently I have felt hat there has been a change in the air and that autumn is on its way. This week the weather was wet and miserable, the leaves are starting to fall of the trees, winter clothing is appearing in shops as well as calendars and boxes of biscuits and sweets, Starbucks have even started doing the Pumpkin Spice Latte which I am happy about but it does mean summer is almost over. I have to admit though I am pleased autumn is nearly here as it is my favourite season. I love getting ready for the winter. I think it goes back to starting school and everything is new and rest for the new school year. Even though it is a long time since leaving school I still get that feeling. It is also a time for me to stop and look at what has happened in the year so far and I have last attempt at reaching some of my goals for the year.

This week a lot of things have got to me. I am not sure why really. Maybe it is feeling deflated after having a good week, maybe it is because the Olympics are over. Whatever it is my defences have been down and I have had a lot of bad news this week and it has all added to one of my tough weeks. I know just like the weather it will pass and things will get brighter but in the meantime I have to whether the storm in my mind. I had a bit of a talk with mam the other day which released some pressure I felt but I know the lid is back on and unless I finally pluck up courage and address the issues then it will just keep happening. So this bank holiday weekend is about me spending some time looking at myself hard and what I need to do and more importantly what steps I have to take to make it happen.

That is it for this week and this is also the last blog post for August as well (I told you autumn is coming). I hope you can join me for next weeks post.

Top Programme of the Week – Casualty

Top Song of the Week – Avicii – Wake Me Up

Books I Am Currently Reading – The BFG by Roald Dahl