Hi everyone and welcome to this weeks blog and the first blog for September this year. Before I get sidetracked and attempt to sing Earth, Wind and Fire here is what I will be discussing in this weeks blog post.

This week I will be discussing start of September, attempting to get my life back on track, Starting Chartership and my personal wellbeing. So let’s get started.

It was a shorter week at work this week because of the Bank Holiday. It is scary to think that there are no more Bank Holidays until Christmas now and this is another sign the end of year is starting to approach. I would love to say I had a very productive Bank Holiday but I didn’t really. It was a lovely sunny day so I went for a walk to clear my head and think some things through. When I got back home I looked at the list I had produced a few weeks ago which was my starting point to sort myself out. I realised I needed to start things so looked at each area and picked out some first steps that I could do and I am starting to put them into practice. So maybe it was a productive Bank Holiday after all.

One of these actions was to enrol for Chartership. This is something I have been thinking about doing for a very long time but I have now got round to starting it. It is very early days and somethings need to be set up but the fee is paid and I am enrolled on to it. It feels good to finally start it and looking forward to learning new things about libraries in the process.

As well as Chartership I have booked  a few days away in October. I just want a UK city break this year so have decided on Liverpool as I have never been so any suggestions on places to visit and eat will be welcome.

So I suppose it has been a productive week and hopefully the start of me getting back on track. I haven’t been in sync this week. You know that feeling you have when you feel a bit out of sorts but can’t put your finger on it well that has been me this last week. Hopefully starting Chartership and having something to look forward to next month will help.

Anyway before I go here is Earth Wind and Fire performing ‘September’.

See you next week.

Top Programme of the Week – Victoria

Top Song of the Week – BETSY – Lost & Found

Books I Am Currently Reading – The Many – Wyl Menmuir