Hi everyone and welcome to this weeks blog post. It seems quite a few of you enjoyed the Earth Wind and Fire video last week. I might have to try to have some monthly music video at the start of each month from now on.

This week I will be discussing advent calendars, Cold Feet, Paralympics and my wellbeing. So let’s get started.

Last week I talked about the start of autumn and some people I was bit too early with this. I stand by it though as the leaves are starting to fall and its darker on a morning. Well this week I have to confess something. The C Word. Yes I ordered this years Star Wars LEGO Advent calendar and it has arrived. Judge me all you want but I stand by actions. The reason I have got it so early is that it does sell out very early so I have to act fast and also it didn’t cost me anything as I used may TESCO club card points so it was free. I have put away though and in a few months time I can put it out. Have any of you started any C preparations?

From one C to another and by this I mean the return of Cold Feet (the TV show and not my actual feet). Back in the 90’s Friends and Cold Feet were two of the biggest shows about friendship. Helen Baxendale even appeared in both shows. Bringing back a TV show is always a risk but it looks like Cold Feet is working. The reason for it is because of the chemistry and the characters. Watching it I felt as if the show gave me a massive big hug at the same time as it was holding up a mirror to me. I couldn’t help think about my friendships and how they have changed over the years and more importantly how me and my friends have all changed and dealt with the things that life has thrown at us. If you haven’t watched this weeks episode I won’t say too much but there is a scene where some of the characters suddenly say how they are really feeling. This really hit home as although I talk on here I don’t really talk about how I feel and my friends are probably all feeling the same. Also the how is a tribute to the city it is set in Manchester. This is a city that I really like and is one of the places I would happily move to if the opportunity arose (Edinburgh is also on this list). Anyway the minting is that the show is back and it hasn’t lost its appeal.

This week saw the start of the Paralympics. I have been watching some of the events such as the athletics, cycling and the high jump. It hard not to be inspired by these athletes. I was watching the High Jump which I remember doing at school and like most sport I was terrible at. The athletes doing the High Jump though not only had this difficult task but they only had one leg. At times I struggle standing with two but these athletes are able to stand and then jump over the High Jump. Simply incredible. I wish there was better coverage of the Paralympics though. Channel 4 do OK but the BBC could have done it better and should have tried to get the rights for it. Still Team GB are doing well and hopefully this will continue.

This week my wellbeing hasn’t been too bad (Although I had some moments). I found the optimism from the previous week was slipping a bit and I had to stop and get myself back on track. What helped was that a friend picked me up when I needed it even though at the time I didn’t realise I needed picking up and I’m not sure the friend realised that is what they had done.   I appreciated it though. Sometimes it is people we don’t expect who help us the most. Recognising these moments are what helps me remember the good things and good people in my life.

Well that is it for this week. I hope to get this months book blog post done this week. If I don’t then I will be back next weekend with the regular weekly post.

Top Programme of the Week – Cold Feet

Top Song of the Week – The Smiths – The Boy With The Thorn In His Side

Books I Am Currently Reading – The Many – Wyl Menmuir