Hi everyone and welcome to this weeks blog post. This week I will be discussing Great British Bake Off, selfies, Labour leadership and iPhone 7. So let’s get started.

First thing I said last week I was going to write this months book blog during the week. No it isn’t hiding I just haven’t done it. I do still have 5 days and I will get it done I promise.  This week has been what I call a flat week. Although I have been busy nothing major happened and was wishing the week away if I’m honest. Anyway it is over now and I am ready (as I can be for the new week).

The fall out from the moving of Bake Off continued this week with Mary Berry saying she would not be moving to Channel 4 and would stay with the BBC out of loyalty. Paul Hollywood has gone to channel 4 which if I am honest I’m not surprised about and not really bothered. What it means is that the show will be very different and not the programme people have loved. Mel and Sue make the show but deep down all of us watching know Mary Berry is key as well. How many times when baking have you asked yourself “What would Mary Berry do?”. I hope BBC can make some sort of show with the three of them in as I would watch that. Love Productions have messed up here big time.

This week the result of the Labour Leadership was announced. Although not the result I wanted it came as no surprise that Jeremy Corbyn won again and with a bigger majority as the polls suggested this. What now? Well I am not deciding yet about my future with the Party. I want to listen and read all sides from this weeks Party Conference before deciding my future with the party. I know some long-standing members have cancelled their membership and that’s their decision but I want to sit and think about things before deciding. It isn’t as straight forward as deciding on one issue there are many factors to take in to account and it is only fair to me and the Party that I take this decision once looking at everything. Maybe I should ask the question “What would Mary Berry do?”In the meantime I hope Party members show respect to each other.

This week one of the blogs that I follow discussed selfies and why they enjoy taking them and more importantly what they say about you at the moment. I am not very good at taking selfies but I do take them and more so since using Instagram. After reading this blog post I started thinking about the selfies that I take and what they mean.


Here is a collection of selfies of me over this year from January to September. I find it difficult to look at them and not feel uncomfortable. The selfie from April (the one with C3-PO) is the one I like the least. This might have been because it was a tough month for me I don’t know. I had hoped to see an improvement in myself over the months but I don’t see it myself. Maybe in December I will be in a better place. Please read the post I have linked to and think about the selfies you take or maybe you don’t.

I finally got my new iPhone this week. I was due an upgrade and preordered the iPhone 7. It was delayed and after a week of waiting with no updates I finally hear from Vodafone that my iPhone had arrived. I’m pleased with it and getting used to the new style of Home button. I haven’t tried the headphones with it as I use my iPod separately I know they won’t work in my iPod though due the iPhone not having a headphone jack anymore so I will have to keep them exclusively for my phone.

Well that is it for this week. I will get the book blog post done this week I promise and then I will be back next weekend with my usual weekly post.

Top Programme of the Week – Great British Bake Off

Top Song of the Week – Cast of Rent – Seasons of Love

Books I Am Currently Reading – Matilda by Roald Dahl