Hi and welcome to this months book blog. I have been trying to find more time to read books at the moment and currently rediscovering my Roald Dahl collection due to work and the recent 100 anniversary of his birth.  I am also trying to commit to at least 30 minutes a day of reading. This was a challenge that author David Nicholls set himself this year and he has found he reading more books just by setting 30 minutes a day for reading. I found this a really good motivation exercise so I have started this last week reading 30 minutes a day. Why not give it ago yourself. Anyway this months book blog is late enough so let’s get started.

Books I have read in August

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child by J.K Rowling, John Tiffany & Jack Thorne -(Little Brown, 2016)


I’m sure I am not alone in the feeling that it is good to be back in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. I never expected another book so it is a joy to be able to visit the characters again in a new story.
What is clear is that this is J.K Rowling’s story but not her writing so it has a different feel to it than the novels do. The other thing is that it is a script. Now I read a few scripts so the this format doesn’t bother me. What I noticed though is that it is written in an odd way for a script. All scripts have stage directions but these directions don’t usually describing the face/reaction of the character on stage. This is usually left to the actor to do themselves. This script does have such descriptions and it makes me think it has been done because this is not a novel. It doesn’t spoil the story but it does mean it is written well for a script. At the end of the day all scripts are meant to be performed not read and we should be grateful that we have a script to read as tickets to the show in London are expensive and hard to come by.
I liked the new character of Scorpius and would love to learn more about this character and what happens. There are also characters who were not featured and I expected them to be.
Overall it was an enjoyable read and I was glad to visit Hogwarts again. I only hope that if Rowling decides to revisit Hogwarts or that world she does another novel.

Format was Hardback

Rating 3.5/5 (Good)

The Reader on the 6:27 -Jean-Paul Didierlaurent (Pan, 2015)

The reader on the 6:27

A book about the love of books, reading all connected with a daily commute on a train really appealed to me. It started off OK but sort of lost its way at some point.
Maybe something got lost in translation but for me it started off as one story and became a different one at the end.
There are some great characters who were brought to life really well and I want to explore them more but I just didn’t get that opportunity to do so and feel a bit cheated as the reader.
Despite this it was a quick read and ideal for a holiday read so give it a try if you get the chance.

Format was Paperback

Rating 2/5 (OK)

Current read

Danny the Champion of the World by Roald Dahl (Puffin) 1975


I said at the start of this blog post that I was currently rereading some of my Roald Dahl books. The book that I am currently reading is ‘Danny the Champion of the World’. I am reading my childhood copy which unfortunately as a book lover is the Film Tie-In (I am not a fan of film tie covers and I know that sounds snobby). I remember wanting the Jill Bennett illustrated cover but I got the Film tie in as a Christmas present. I am tempted to buy a secondhand copy of the Jill Bennett cover but this edition I am reading was my childhood copy so I will stick with it. It does feature Jill Bennett’s illustrations inside and not Quentin Blake and I prefer this as Jill’s illustrations seem more fitting for this book.

It is about the relationship between father and son. Danny thinks the world of his father but discovers a dark secret that leads them into a world of trouble. I am so pleased to be rediscovering this book.

Format is Paperback

recent acquisitions 

A Place Called Winter by Patrick Gale (Tinder Press, 2015)


This book got a lot of attention in 2015. One again I am late to the party with this although I have been tempted before to read it. Seeing the book on offer for Kindle was the clincher for me and I have downloaded it for my Kindle.  A shy but privileged elder son, Harry Cane has followed convention at every step. Even the beginnings of an illicit, dangerous affair do little to shake the foundations of his muted existence – until the shock of discovery and the threat of arrest force him to abandon his wife and child and sign up for emigration to Canada. Let’s hope it lives up the hype.

Format is Kindle E-Book

Cogheart by Peter Bunzl (Usborne, 2016)


Children’s literature at the moment is a really strong market at the moment and this latest offering from Usborne books has been getting some very positive reviews. It is a Steampunk children’s adventure novel set in Victorian England and features a clockwork fox. The illustrations on the cover are beautiful and I hope the story is just as good.

Format is Kindle E-Book

Ross Poldark by Winston Graham (Pan Macmillan) first published 1945


Another tie in cover but not much choice as it was a Kindle purchase. Saying that it does have Aidan Turner on the cover so not all bad. I do like a historical saga and as I am enjoying the TV series of Poldark I would like at some point to try the books. So I took advantage of the offer on Amazon and have purchased the first book in the series for my Kindle.

Format Kindle E-Book

Matilda by Roald Dahl (Penguin) 1988


I never actually read Matilda when I was a child. I did start it at school but the copy went missing so I was unable to finish it. I know the story though but on this anniversary year and for research for work I have finally bought a copy for myself. This is one of Roald Dahl’s most popular books and is about the enjoyment of reading and the magic of reading. In a world now where we are becoming more reliant on technology it is always good to be reminded of the joy of actual books.

Format is Paperback.

So there you have my books for September. Why not reread some Roald Dahl for yourself and if you have never read any Roald Dahl then you need to straightaway. I would like to try some of his adult fiction as I have never really read any.  Also do try to make the effort to read for at least 30 minutes a day. Until next month happy reading.