Hi everyone and welcome to this weeks blog post. It is a bit late this week so sorry for that. This week I will be discussing rest, where I am in my life, and Tube chat. 

First I want to say I still haven’t decided about whether I am staying in the Labour Party or not. It’s a big thing and not as straightforward as just one issue so I want to take the time and weigh everything up and not rush into a decision either way. I haven’t seen the speeches from the conference so I want to watch them first and then ask myself questions about what I want from being a member. When I do finally decide I will let you all know and the reasons as well. So watch this space.

This time of year is a buys one especially with work and I struggle to find time to rest.  By some strange coincidence the results of a test into rest were published by my place of work. It is really interesting the findings so do go and read more about them. From the test it appears most people could do with more rest and the most popular restful activities often involved being on your own such as reading, being on your own, listening to music. I know I could do with more time to rest but like many people finding the time is difficult and I don’t even have family commitments. For people with families it must be even harder.

Do you ever catch yourself looking at your life and the people in it and not in it and wonder how things got to where they are now. I have had this a few times over the last week or so and realised that I am starting to move forward again but not everyone has followed. The best way to describe is that I am on a train and for most of my journey I see the same people around me then when I’m not looking they get off at the station and I notice as I glance back through the window. In the past this would get to me and make me upset/angry but now although there is sadness I feel ok with moving forward for some reason. I hope I am finally getting things sorted in my life. It might be a bit lonely at the moment but I think new adventures are needed and new people.

This week two TV shows made me think a lot about my life. The first was Casualty. I’ve really got back into this show lately. This week the theme seemed to be ‘Grab every opportunity’ and I know this is one of my failings. I either choose not see the opportunity or only decide to go for it too late. Basically I need to say Yes more. I look at things I’ve done that have been highlights in my life such as uni, doing the Great North Run, acting and they have only come about because I said yes to an opportunity. If I really want to make a difference in my life and sort myself out I need to grab every opportunity that come up and just see where it takes me and who I meet. The other TV show that made me think about my life was First Dates. There was a girl on this week who was in her 30’s and an only child and she said it scares her to think of dealing with her parents being old and the thought of being without them and having no one in her life. I totally understand where she was coming from as I have the same fears. It is awkward to talk about but sometimes you just want to talk about it in the hope of finding something reassuring. Having elderly parents myself I am finding it hard to accept and find the balance between living my life and wanting the best for them and I’m not sure I am always getting the balance right.

Final thing to quickly mention this week is Tube Chat. I read this in the news but apparently commuters on the Tube can wear a badge saying Tube Chat which means they want you to start a conversation with them. Any London readers of my blog I would love to know if you have tried this or what you think. I’m in two minds. Part of me thinks ‘Yay a badge’ and I get to meet new people. The other side of me is thinking ‘I don’t want to socialise on a train just leave me with my iPod and book’. On my train commute I hate it when people talk to me. It doesn’t matter if I know them or not. They can be the loveliest person in the world but I want those 15 minutes to myself and let me block out the World in this time. What do you think? Should all train passengers have this badge not just the tube or should the idea be dropped altogether.

Well there you go a few things to think about this week. A bit deep and meaningful this week so sorry if it has got a bit heavy. I will be back again next weekend with the next blog post.

Top Programme of the Week – Casualty

Top Song of the Week – Passenger – When We Were Young

Books I Am Currently Reading – Kiss Kiss by Roald Dahl