Hi everyone and welcome to this weeks blog post. This week I will be discussing cricket, my 15 seconds of fame and bookshops so let’s get started.

First up I want today that this last week has been very busy for me at work. Hopefully things will settle down a bit this week and I can get things back on track. It has been a week of learning and fun but a lot still to do this week.

For readers who know me the fact that I am going to talk about cricket will surprise people as I am not a sporty person and cricket is one of my least favourite sports (much to the dismay of my family). This week Durham County Cricket Club were relegated and given a points deduction for next season. Added to this they can longer host Test matches and any prize money they receive in competitions has to be given to the ECB. The punishment could not be much harsher if they tried. Very little is known about why except it is due to financial problems and the ECB has stepped in but at a cost. We don;t know what the alternative would have been for certain but it is possible the club could have folded. If this is true then I suppose this outcome is the best they could hope for. The issue is we don’t know what the full story is and the ECB need to start talking and allowing Durham to talk. Durham had debt but other clubs such as Yorkshire and Hampshire also have large debt and haven’t received this treatment. In the past these clubs have received support and no punishment. Durham though gets everything thrown at it. This once again just show the North East is easily dismissed by the South. Durham have to take some responsibility but so does the ECB and so far I haven’t seen them accept this. The result is uncertainty for fans such as my Dad and a major blow to sport in the North East and the UK. It simply isn’t cricket.

This week I had my 15 seconds of fame. I know it is meant to be 15 minutes so I still have 14 minutes and 45 seconds left to use. It was the local news and I was spotted in the background walking past.


I was on my way back to work from lunch and only noticed the camera as the presenter was finishing his piece to camera. I did hope that I was just out of shot but no I was on camera. So there you go. My 15 seconds of fame.

On Saturday it was National Bookshop Day. I know that there are too many specials days like this but bookshops for me are special places. Why I hear you ask because they are more expensive than Amazon? This can be true (Although not always) but buying books is not just about making the purchase it is about the experience. I love to go into the bookshop and browse the shelves and displays that the dedicated booksellers have put together. whenever I am in town I always visit Waterstone’s. It is like a sanctuary from the madness of town. I like to chat to the booksellers about new books and recent reads. You don’t get that on Amazon where the experience is all over in one click. I buy my print books mainly from bookshops now even if they cost more because I want to keep the bookshop alive. E-books are great and Amazon gets my money for these but the bookshop will get my money for the actual book and will continue to do so. So on National Bookshop Day I went and bought a book ‘Hagseed’ by Margaret Atwood if you were wondering. Do you have a favourite bookshop or bookseller? Let me know in the comments below.

Well that is it for this week. It’s been a busy week and I expect it to continue this week. So until next weekend it is bye for now.

Top Programme of the Week – Poldark

Top Song of the Week – Anna Kendrick – Get Back Up Again

Books I Am Currently Reading – Kiss Kiss by Roald Dahl