Hi this is a bit of a last minute post but one that I hope is helpful. Today 10th October is World Mental Health Day and I just want to say to anyone out there who is finding it tough that it is ok to cry, to talk about how you are feeling.

We live in a world that removes most barriers of communication. We can tweet, Skype, FaceTime, Snapchat, Message, text, phone or even meet someone. The only barrier that technology can’t remove is yourself.

We all have days where sometimes you just want to go home and cry your eyes out or have a hug from a loved one. This is fine and we should do this more but at the same time we should talk about what is on our minds. I’m just as guilty about this.

2016 has been my toughest year for mental health. Earlier this year I was at my lowest and it took a lot to get out of that. I can now recognise the symptoms and can cope with them better but I still have days where I lapse. I read a description that it like a weather system. Sometimes it can be sunny  and others it can be overcast. When it is really bad it is a bad storm but just as with nature all storms will pass and knowing this helps me get through it. Yes storms cause damage and this year friendships, relationships have been damaged by it but you can repair some damage so there is still something good to focus on. https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/1/14/Depressed_%284649749639%29.jpg

Everyone of us on this planet are different and we all have something going on in our lives. We forget though we don’t have to do it alone and there always people to talk to. The hardest part having this conversation with yourself. So please if you are reading this and you are finding things a struggle reach out to someone. It could be the first person on Facebook you see, or first person in your phone, a relative, a professional such as a doctor or counsellor. It doesn’t;t matter who just let them know you need a chat. That isn’t weakness it is strength. If you are the person who is asked or you know someone who is finding things a  struggle reach out to them. They won’t mind who it is as long as someone catches them.

I’m not an expert on mental health I just talk about my experience. If you want to read more about how to cope then please read the brilliant book by Matt Haig ‘Reasons to Stay Alive’ . Every household should have a copy of this book. Please read it and it will help you.

Believe in yourself – you are amazing.