Hi everyone and welcome to this weeks blog post. This week I will be discussing Great British Bake Off, Booker Prize, Dr Strange, US Presidential Election and Halloween. 

I have had a mixed bag of a week this week. I was back at work after a week off and I felt quite energised and ready to go back. Monday night though I had a bad night and wasn’t feeling great and as a result I felt I had taken a step backwards. Anyway things got better as the week went on. That extra hour in bed last night because the clocks went back has certainly helped. I have been playing catch up this week, in fact I have been catching up all month. I need tiger myself back on track and up to date as looking at my calendar for November especially work wise it is a busy time.

This week it was the last of the Great British Bake Off. Now I know it is moving to Channel 4 but without Mary Berry or Mel and Sue and it is fair to say it will be a different show because of this. So this week it was the last ever episode (not counting the Christmas Specials). It was sad because at the time it was filmed Mel and Sue and Mary didn’t realise this and it is a bit of shame. They reckon 15 million people watched the final and it is hard to see the same number watching on Channel 4. I have enjoyed watching it but things do come to an end I suppose. I was hoping Jane would win but on the day Candice was the stronger contestant.

This week the Booker Prize winner was announced. This years winner was ‘The Sellout’ by Paul Beatty. It always seems to be the case that an outsider wins. There was a lot of talk about ‘His Bloody Project’ and Amazon said it was the highest selling of all the titles on Amazon. This was probably done to the fact it was the cheapest of all the shortlisted titles on Amazon especially on Kindle (it’s the reason I bought it). I still hope to go to the ceremony one year. It is my life time ambition, you never know I might even read the entire shortlist before the prize is announced.

I went to the cinema this weekend to see Dr Strange. This is the latest MARVEL film. It wasn’t a character that I knew much about  so went with a very open mind. I thought the film was OK but felt something was lacking but not sure what. Benedict Cumberbatch was very good in it but this probably due to the similarities in personality between the characters of Dr Strange and Sherlock. The attempt at humour was not bad but not sure it was needed. It wasn’t;t the worst film I have seen but it is the worst film I have seen this year so far. I would give it 2/5.

OK now I am briefly going to mention politics. Now I am not American so have no say in the US Presidential Elections in just over a weeks time so I don’t really want to get involved but I want to say to my American readers here in the UK there is a real concern that Trump will get in and that scares us. We haven’t been too good at elections/referendums recently and have messed them up but electing Trump would make our mistakes look trivial. I understand why some have concerns over Clinton and yes you could vote for one of the other 2 smaller parties but realistically you know you have only 2 candidates to pick from. The language used by Trump is offensive and despite what he says it isn’t just banter he means it. This is why Clinton should be elected because although you may have doubts about her she isn’t a risk to the rest of the world. As I say I’m not American so I have no say if you do then please think about it. It is too big a thing to mess up trust me I speak from experience in the UK.

This weekend is Halloween weekend. Hang on when did it became a whole weekend celebration? It has now become a huge thing almost s big the pumpkins used. Don’t get me wrong I like it and it is good fun but I do miss the days when all Halloween involved was a bin bag as  a cloak, a cheap plastic mask, a cardboard witch hat and a turnip (swede) instead of a pumpkin.  Oh what happy Halloween nights.

That is it for this week. Thank you for reading. Earlier I posted my October Book Blog which I hope you have read as well. Until next week it is bye for now and have a good Halloween.

Top Programme of the Week – Cold Feet

Top Song of the Week – Michael Buble – I Believe in You

Books I Am Currently Reading – Kiss Kiss by Roald Dahl