Hi everyone and welcome to this weeks blog post. This week I will be discussing The Sons of Pitches, work bake-off  and the scary world we live in.  So I had better get started before I fizzle out like a cheap firework.

First thing first it well and truly feels like winter now. It is dark early on an evening now and it is lot colder during the day as well. Maybe it is because of this of some other reason but I feel as if I preparing for winter. I have a new duvet and pillows, new jumpers and winter clothing. I have dug out my winter hat and I’m looking at some winter boots but can’t find the right ones yet. Add to this the Christmas drinks in Starbucks are back (although red cups are not due until this week) and I have had my first mince-pie of the year yep it is certainly starting to look a like Christmas.

A year ago today (6th November) my Dad came out of hospital after his operation. Landmarks in your life like this really do make you stop and look back over the last 12 months. He is doing well and fingers crossed he keeps going in the right direction. A year on and I am so thankful for everything in my life. It hasn’t been easy for us as a family and we have all had bad days but they are getting less and less.

during the week I went to see the Sons of Pitches at Durham Gala. They are an a capella group. You may have seen them on Gareth Malone’s show last year where they won the competition for best vocal group.

The show was great and was a good mix of comedy with music. What I was really impressed with was how they improvised songs. They asked the audience for a their second favourite stationary item which was hole punch and they sung a song about it in R&B style which was picked at random. They later used the last line of a text message from the audience and made up a song from the line “we have bought you a fitted wardrobe and a desk” and they had to sing the style of reggae and Bollywood. This really showed how creative they are. If you have never heard them before then check them out on YouTube (I have included one of their videos above in this post).

The Sons of Pitches

After the show they were around in the foyer meeting the audience. They chatted, signed programmes and CD’s and posed for selfies. They seem a nice bunch of guys and I hope they continue to do well as they deserve it. I didn’t go for the selfie this time though as I just felt a bit awkward this time doing it (maybe I was just having one of those days).

This week was also the annual work Bake Off competition. I have talked about this in previous years. I enjoy taking part but no my limitations. There are many skilled bakers in the office and I don’t see myself in the same league. This year though by some chance I actually won the Bake Off with Blueberry Brownies.  I seriously can’t believe it as there was so many amazing bakes.


No one knows who baked what until later in the day so you often sit in the staff room listening to others comment on the bakes without giving anything away. I heard lots of lovely comments and as a baker that is all you want to hear really isn’t it. I do like baking but haven’t baked since last years competition and this was another reason why I didn’t think I would win as I hadn’t practiced.  It was very tight and there was only 1 vote between 1st and 2nd and 1 vote between 2nd and 3rd place. This just shows how good everyone was. I am going to take it seriously though (I expect it will be the only time I win it)and use it to motivate me to bake more often especially for work as I feel that is part of the title holders responsibility. I also wonder does this mean I am the work Candice. If so I better practising my pouting although I’m not sure about her lipstick choices. Seriously though it has given me a bit of a confidence boost. I have been a bit down lately and to have this has really boosted my confidence. See who said cake isn’t good for you.

The concert and cake have been welcome distractions from the scary world that we are living in. when did we start accepting hatred as acceptable. The language used in the media towards different groups in society is hurtful and we shouldn’t allow it. On top of this hate crime has increased. The number of homophobic attacks has increased 147% since Brexit, there was a 41% increase in hate crime in July following the result. This hasn’t just happened it has been building and now society needs to say no to hate crime. Let’s just start looking after each other and not encouraging hate.

As I finish typing up this blog post I realise that the US Presidential Election is about to start. I really hope Clinton wins because a world where Trump is President will be a scarier world and one that encourages hate. So to my American readers please vote Clinton.

That is it for this week. Sorry for the delay but I hope it was worth it.

Top Programme of the Week – Class

Top Song of the Week – The Sons of Pitches – Club Megamix II

Books I Am Currently Reading – Calling Major Tom by David M Barnett