Hi everyone and welcome to this weeks blog post. This week I will be discussing US Election, snow, Starbucks red cups, Christmas adverts, Great North Snow Dogs, and Hygge. So let’s get started.

Where to begin with this weeks blog post. The US Election was always going to be the main thing I would be talking about this week but I had hoped because of a different verdict. Four Years ago I remember going to bed with a sense of dread thinking that Romney may beat Obama and that scared me so I was relieved when Obama won. Little did I know that 4 years later a worse candidate would stand and win. Why America? I am struggling to find a logical reason for it. I can understand you have concerns over Clinton but she was still the better candidate and she even won the popular vote. The decision has been made and America have to deal with it the problem though is so does the rest of the World.

I thought I would feel worse after hearing the result but I didn’t. I woke a few times in the night and checked the results and could see how it was going but I clung to hope it would change. I really didn’t want to wake to Radio 2 news telling me Trump was President and thankfully because of the time of my alarm it hadn’t been confirmed so I woke with a glimmer of hope. Vanessa Feltz instead was discussing people’s favorite sweets from childhood as she didn’t want to talk about events across the pond and that felt good to hear. Never has a discussion about Parma Violets been so welcome. Sadly though the hope I had wasn’t to be and to make matters worse when I looked outside it had snowed. Yes the first snow of the winter coincided with the news Trump was President. It was like the apocalypse had happened. Although it didn’t hurt as much as Brexit did (and still does) I felt as if I had received a punch to the stomach. I can’t imagine how Clinton supports must be feeling. The only consolation that I can take personally (please don’t be offended by this America) is that it wasn’t the UK. The right-wing views of him and supporters is here in the UK but we need to stand against it. What has upset me is to hear about the surge in Hate crime in America since the election particularly to the LGBT community. People say to me why is Pride important or why do people campaign for Gay Rights still everyone is cool with it now. Well these events in America show why we need to keep doing Pride and talking about LGBT issues. The alternative is that people will try to take it away and that is wrong. The World is sadder and darker place than it was a week ago and we need to be there for each other to talk about things , to listen, to cry and more importantly to stand up to hate in any format. The World has been here before and we need to look back at history to see this. I think Teresa May suddenly become a bigger World Figure than we expect but for the right reasons.

I want to talk a bit now about Hillary Clinton. I am a support of her and always believed she would become President. This is highly unlikely now but she has paved the way for a future female candidate and one day there will be a Female President and I hope she gets to see that and feel proud she helped make that happen. I have actually seen Hillary Clinton back in May 1997 I was visiting London and it coincided with the visit of Bill Clinton as President and Hillary Clinton as First Lady. I saw the car arrive near Downing Street and she was facing where I was stood. That has stuck with me although just a fleeting glimpse. She has achieved a lot in politics and I hope she comes back in some way. #Imstillwithher .

I have had a long weekend this weekend as I needed to use some holidays up. So on Friday I spent the day in Newcastle shopping and finding the Great North Snow Dogs. This was a trail of Snow Dogs around the city and region. It ends soon so I was keen to see some of them before they go.  My favorite was Hadrian’s Hound along with Disco Dog.

Hadrian's Hound
Hadrian’s Hound

It was a nice to have a day off after a busy week at work and just relax and have some time to myself. From now until Christmas things are starting to get very busy for me so having this time to stop and breather for a bit is very welcome.  While in Newcastle I saw Fenwick’s Christmas Window. It is early so I won’t say too much about in case you want to see it yourself. I like it but I would have preferred it to be more festive.

I am trying to resist Christmas but I am starting to relent. Now the Red Cups have arrived at Starbucks along with the Christmas drinks, Christmas adverts are on TV, I only have about 5 weeks at work this year and I have all my Christmas preparations to do and maybe even some Christmas socializing if opportunities arise. The only good news about Christmas arriving soon is that 2016 will be over with and I am sure I am not alone in wanting to see the back of this year.

John Lewis have released their Christmas advert this year and I am going to have to say I don’t like it. Not because it isn’t sad but it just isn’t very festive. I want Monty the Penguin back. Thankfully Marks and Spencer’s and Saintsbury’s have got it together so watch them instead. John Lewis sort it out for next year.

Finally this week I have heard a lot about Hygge. Apparently this a Danish expression for creating cosiness and enjoying life simple pleasures. We could all do with a bit of this in our life at the moment so I can understand the fascination in magazines and books about it. I am certainly happy to embrace this.

Well that is it for this week. Thank you for taking to take the time to read. It is a scary time at the moment but if we all look out for each other than things won’t be quite as bad. Until next time bye for now.

Top Programme of the Week – Planet Earth II

Top Song of the Week – Coldplay – Everglow

Books I Am Currently Reading – Calling Major Tom by David M Barnett