I am sorry for the lateness of this November Book Blog but it has been a bit of a busy month for me. This is also reflected in the small number of books mentioned in this post. I have struggled to find the time or even have the inclination to pick up a book to read just for pleasure. My reading target for the year is looking very low. Anyway as I only have a few hours of November left I better get a move on.


Esio Trot by Roald Dahl (Puffin, 1990)


I read this as part of my research for the Roald Dahl event I was involved in with work. I had never read this book as I was probably onto other books by the time this was published. IT is a charming little story although I did worry about the original tortoise. It is a very short read so if you like your Roald Dahl then you might as well try it.

Format : Paperback

Rating: 2.5/5 (OK)

Kiss Kiss by Ronald Dahl (Penguin, 1959)


This a collection of short stories for adults. Roald Dahl has always had dark elements to his stories but this collection is certainly very dark and sinister. Reading now some stories felt a little dated but there are some classic tales of the macabre. The collection also introduces the story of Danny the Champion of the World. It was from this short story that the full story was created. The stories I enjoyed (I can call it enjoyed) are ‘The Landlady’, ‘William and Mary’ , ‘Royal Jelly’ and ‘Pig’.

Format: Paperback

Rating: 3/5 (GOOD)


Calling Major Tom by David M Barnett (Trapeze, 2017)


I received this book as an advanced proof copy from Sam Eades at the brilliant Trapeze Books to read. It is a book about a grumpy 46-year-old Star Wars, David Bowie fan.  So far it is proving to be quite a charming story.

The book is due to be available as an E-book in January 2017 and in paperback in June 2017.

Thank you to Sam Eades for this advanced copy.

Format: Paperback


The Sellout by Paul Beatty (OneWorld, 2016)


This is the winner of the Booker Prize 2016. I always buy the winner with the good intention of reading it. It isnt’t the type of book that I would normally read but I will give it ago and see if in my opinion it is worth the praise that it has received.

Format: Paperback 

Golden Hill by Frances Spufford (Faber & Faber, 2016)


I have heard dome good things about this book so when I saw it on offer on Amazon for Kindle I decided to buy it to give it ago.  It is set in 18th Century New York and is about a mysterious stranger arrives. I love historical novels and a bit of a mystery so this seems to be right up my street. I look forward to reading it.

Format: Kindle E-Book

I told you it was a bit of a short one this month. Hopefully I will get time to read in December especially some Christmas reads and my annual read of ‘The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe’.