Hi everyone and welcome to this weeks blog. This week I have had a lot on my mind and have a million and one things to do before Christmas. This week I will be talking about acting crossroads, my career, World Aids Day and Christmas preparations. So let’s get started.

As 2017 approaches new and some old acting opportunities are being mentioned and I feel I am at a crossroads with this part of my life. The reason is complex and is a mixture of the time I have available and some confidence issues. This year I was involved in 3 shows and I loved them all but three shows around the same time was in reality too much for me and my wellbeing suffered for it. I have to decide what I am going to do in 2017. Acting has done so much for me as a person and I have met some amazing and exceptionally talented people so is some time off a good idea. I am also aware there are better people than me out there. I have a lot to think about at the moment thats for sure.

Work has been busy and I am looking in two directions. The directions are what I have done this year and where I want to go with my career. For a guy in his mid thirties this is only right and not that unusual but I seem to be at  another crossroads. This week I got to visit another library and see how they do things in the same area as me and this was useful and has made me think about what I what to do with my role and career. I have started Chartership but need to spend some time on this as I have a lot to do still. Thinking about it this crossroads is connected to the first one I have mentioned. At this rate with all these crossroads I am starting to feel like the 11th member of Blazin Squad but less chavy (If you can name the 10 members of Blazin Squad I will be impressed).

On the 1st December it was World AIDS Day. To mark this people often wear red ribbons or just wear red. This year I noticed that Darlington Borough Council were trying to mark the event in the town. I am all in favour of this but my heart sank when I saw their social media post. They showed a picture of the rainbow flag flying above the Town Hall and said it was for World AIDS Day.  Now although this  was meant to be a showing support all it did was show that education about AIDS still has a lot to do. I am hoping if you are reading this you have realised what the issue with this act is but if not then I will tell you. AIDS is not exclusive to the LGBT community it affects anyone. It recognises no boundaries and can affect anyone no matter what your gender, sexual orientation, race, religion, age is. To fly the Rainbow Flag on this occasion sends the message that it is just a disease that is connected only to the LGBT community. This might have been the misleading message by Thatcher and her Government back in the 1980s with that terrifying tombstone advertising campaign and demonized the LGBT community but it is just not true. Once the Council were made aware of this all traces of the posts on Social Media were removed and I am guessing the flag was taking down too. Although the intention was good it instead highlighted the work that needs to be done. Hopefully they will fly the flag on a more appropriate day such as Pride, IDAHOT Day or for LGBT History month.

I am really behind with all my Christmas preparations. I keep thinking about everything I need to do and it scares me. I have started my shopping but nothing wrapped, cards are not written yet, decorations aren’t up and I just don’t feel Christmassy at all. I am looking forward to the day though as it means spending time with family. Since Dad’s operation last year this means a lot to me now.

Christmas is often a time of socializing but I am not really feeling it this year and also I a not feeling that way. I would like to be but I think I am just ready to have some time off. Also my confidence is quite low at the moment particularly body image wise so socializing is a big deal for me. Hopefully I can get into the party mood soon though.

Well that is it for this week. I appreciate you taking the time to read.

Top Programme of the Week – Class

Top Song of the Week – James Corden – The Greatest Gift

Books I Am Currently Reading – Calling Major Tom by David M Barnett