Hi everyone and welcome to this weeks blog post! This is the last blog before Christmas which is exciting but scary at the same time. Between now and New Year there will a quite a few blog posts coming your way so lots to keep me busy and for you to read. This week I will be discussing Secret Santa, Christmas Jumper Day, Christmas socializing, Star Wars Rogue One (No spoilers though you are safe) and countdown to Christmas. So let’s get started.

Christmas Day is less than a week away and although I have made some progress I have a lot to do still. At least I am off work until January now which means I have the time to do things and catch up with friends and family and more importantly rest and relax. My last week at work was a busy one and a stressful one so the break has come at the right time. So until 3rd January it is all about family, friends and me and getting myself ready for 2017.

At work this week it was our Secret Santa. I enjoy doing it but there is an element of stress and to add to this I was organising it again. I always worry that someone forgets to bring the present in (this has happened in the past) and that the person I have bought for really hates it (I think they liked it either that of they are really good at gift face), I also worry that I will react badly to my present as I am really bad at gift face. Luckily I was very pleased with mine which was a Dr Who Weeping Angel Stress Toy.


I am sure it will come in useful although not sure where on my desk I can put it (that is a different problem). Anyway it is all done once again until next year.

It was also Christmas Jumper Day at work. It was all in aid of Save the Children and it has become an annual event. I have a couple of jumpers but also have t-shirts as they are more comfortable for work. It is a bit of fun though and as it coincided with my last day at work this year so was a nice way to end the year.

Although I am still not prepared for Christmas I have done some Christmas socializing. first of all I went for drinks after work on Friday which was a nice way to end the week. The other was a wedding celebration of a friend. It was lovely to see her again and share in the special evening. It really made me think and 2017 has to be where I try harder in the dating game as I want that special day as well. My friend met her husband in Australia and said “no wonder I hadn’t found the right one I was looking in the wrong country”.  Hopefully I don’t need to go that far but it reminded me there is someone out there for everyone I wonder where mine is.

The final thing I will mention (and with no spoilers) is that I went to see Star Wars Rogue One. As a Star Wars fan I was of course looking forward to seeing it even though I knew the outcome as it is mentioned in A New Hope I didn’t know how it got there. The film is different to your usual Star Wars film but if you are a Star Wars fan then there are lots of little nods to the others you will enjoy.

Well that is it. I’m off to either panic about my lack of Christmas preparation or actually get myself sorted and do stuff like get presents and wrap.

I just want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and I will speak to you all after Christmas. I hope Santa is good to you all.

Top Programme of the Week – Strictly Come Dancing

Top Song of the Week – Blossoms – Charlemagne

Books I Am Currently Reading – The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe by C.S.Lewis