Hello and welcome to my first weekly blog post of 2017. I should have done one on the 1st January but you may have noticed I was doing some other blog posts around this time so I decided not to do a weekly post that weekend. Also very little had happened so I can easily condense the two weeks into this post.

How is 2017 treating you so far? Have you made any resolutions? I am trying to focus on wellbeing and being healthy at the moment which is hit and miss at the moment still its all about the journey isn’t it. Anyway this week I will be discussing my New Year, Carrie Fisher, getting back into the routine, trying to be healthy, decision-making and a day without my phone. So let’s get started.

I want to start by paying tribute to Carrie Fisher. Those of you who know me know I love Star Wars and Carrie Fisher was Star Wars to me. Princess Leia is my favourite character and to hear of her death is devastating. She was part of my childhood and adulthood as Leia. I had planned on getting her new book The Princess Diarist but it is hard to get at the moment. She was also very open about her mental health and this really helped make it more acceptable to talk about things. She will be in the next Star Wars film as she already filmed her parts and it will be interesting to see how they deal with her death in future films. After I heard the news I watched ‘Star Wars:A New Hope’. Thank you Carrie for everything and my thoughts are with your friends and family at this time. 2104227176_f8c6b6a9e6_z

So New Years Eve for me was a quiet one and a bit sad really. It involved me watching the film ‘New Year’s Eve’ (which is becoming a bit of a tradition) and then staying up to see the New Year in with my parents. I really can’t have another New Year like this again. I let the New Year in and when I went outside my neighbour was out ready to do the same. He was having a much more exciting New Year and was a bit merry and holding a slice of white bread as it is meant to be lucky (I’m not sure about this). Anyway I let the New Year in and then sat with my Prosecco watching the fireworks on TV. I hope you all had a better New Year’s Eve.

Now New Year is over and we are now into 2017. Who know what the next 12 months will hold for us. It is back to routine for everyone now. Most people are back at work and the decorations are down and reality of January is now hitting. It is nice to be back at work and have some structure to  my days again. With a new year ahead of me though decisions need to be made about things and I just can’t do it very easily at the moment. Example I wanted a weekend away early this year and I can’t seem to decide on when or where. I have decided not to do the Shakespeare play this year. I had partly decided this after the show last year but I wasn’t totally convinced I would say no. However I made the decision not to as I have other commitments this year with work and doing Chartership. I also need to have free time to relax as well. I suppose what I am trying to get used to is that it is a new year and I don’t have to do things the same as previous years. When I opened my new diary on the 1st January it was blank because it means a fresh start and it is that philosophy this year that I need to remember.

As well as this I am trying to get a bit healthier this year. I mentioned it in my resolutions for the year that I want to get healthier again. This week has seen me flirt with being healthy but next week I get more serious. To help get me started I have a copy of Tom Daily’s book ‘Tom’s Daily Plan’. I preordered it online and got a signed copy. I am hoping that because he has signed it will motivate me to get healthier. It has been tough this week though especially when I went for a coffee at the weekend and the cute barista is tempting me with a new chocolate brownie. I said I was trying to be good and his reply was be good during the week but naughty at the weekend. I resisted the temptation though.

Another New Years Resolution was to improve my wellbeing and one thing I did this week was I had my phone switched off all day. I didn’t think this would be practical as I need my phone during the week in case there are delays on the train etc. I decided though on Thursday not to switch it on. I would have it with me so if I needed to use it in an emergency I could but I didn’t switch it on. So on my train commute I read my book and looked at the sunrise on the morning instead of messing about on my phone checking social media and emails. I felt good for doing this and I hope to continue this.

So there it is my first weekly post of the year. Thank you to everyone who messaged me about my post ‘My Year In Lists’ it is the blog post I put the most work into so to get some good feedback means a lot. I will be back again next weekend with another weekly blog post.

Top Programme of the Week – Sherlock

Top Song of the Week – Marvin Gaye – Charlie Puth

Books I Am Currently Reading – The Sellout by Paul Beatty