Hi and welcome to this weeks blog post. This week has been about getting back into routine and working on those resolutions. This week I will be talking about trying to get fit, wellbeing, snow and La La Land. So let’s get started.

Like many people one of my resolutions was to get fit. Now I am not a gym fan so was not going to join one. Instead I have been doing the workouts in Tom Daley’s ‘Daily Plan’ book. They didn’t look too intense but actually they really do make me work. They also made me realise how out of shape I am. Still the hardest part is starting so it can only get easier (can’t it?). I have also started wearing my Fitbit again. I am planning on wearing it for two weeks and then leaving it off for two weeks. I want to use it to help monitor my fitness but not take over my life like I have in the past. I am also trying eat a bit healthier and this included me coking some meals for myself. I did a recipe from Tom Daley’s book which was very nice but I put the wrong amount of chilli flakes in. So instead of a generous pinch I put a heaped teaspoon. It was bit hot but I actually liked it. I have learnt from this though. I have been snacking less as well but I could do more on this. Anyway something is working as I have lost 2 lbs so far this week so that’s a good start.

As well as physical fitness I am working on my wellbeing. Just like my physical fitness I didn’t realise how out of shape my mental wellbeing is. So I have started using the Headspace App again and trying to take some time out to meditate a little bit. Meditation is one of the things mentioned in Tom Daley’s book and I have heard others talking about it. This has been a bit patchy so far for me as I am struggling to find the time to do it. But I am working on it. Another wellbeing thing that I have been doing is having one day a week without my phone being switched on. I am really liking this and it means that I do other things instead. So at lunchtime I am spending time reading or going for a walk instead go playing games on my phone or checking social media. I am also writing down at least one good thing that happens to me each day. It is still early days but at least I have started on it.

This week saw the first snow of the year. It didn’t last long and was only a light covering but still it was snow. This winter has been quite mild and I sort of wish it would get a bit colder for a few days at least. There is still time I suppose.

I have booked a few days away in February to Edinburgh. Last year I did this and it was really good for me so I am going it again this year. Hopefully it will help with my wellbeing and I might even get some winter weather.

On Friday night I went to the cinema for the first time in 2017. I went to see La La Land. It is the big awards favourite this year and from the trailer it really appealed. It is an old-fashioned style musical but with a modern twist. It is beautiful to watch and I expect it to do well for the technical awards. Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone are good in it but I don’t think they will be winners in the awards unless there is an award for the most beautiful man in a film which Ryan Gosling will win hands down as he is just beautiful. Some people describe the film as uplifting and romantic and this is misleading. Just because it is a musical doesn’t make it uplifting and because it features a relationship it doesn’t make it romantic. For me the film  is about the importance of following your dreams, taking chances and fate. After watching it on Friday I still can’t stop thinking about stand have had the album on repeat. It is certainly a great way to shake off the January blues. I would give it 4/5.

So there you have it my blog post for this week. I hope your resolutions are going well. I will be back again next weekend with a blog post (unless Trump has started WWIII by then). Have a good week.

Top Programme of the Week – Sherlock

Top Song of the Week – Jonathan Groff – What Comes Next?

Books I Am Currently Reading – The Sellout by Paul Beatty