Hi and welcome to my weekly blog post. This last week has been a tough one and I worry the ghosts of 2016 are trying to make a come back. Anyway this week I will be discussing commuting, bus journeys, fitness, and I suppose I will mention the T word (Trump). So let’s get started.

All week I have felt under the weather and a bit sluggish and when I’m like this it really gets me down. I think it is a combination of January blues, edging closer to 40, and the impending disaster that is Valentines Day.

I have also struggled with my fitness this week. I have been following the exercises in Tom Daley’s Daily Plan book and they are good but they show how out of shape I am. This week though I had a setback as I pulled a muscle in my shoulder. I thought it would be ok the next day. How wrong I was. I was in pain all night with it and the next morning. Thankfully it eased with some ibuprofen but it means I am resting from the exercises for at least a week. I have also slipped with my eating and snacked more than I should have. Amazingly though I have still managed to lose 2lb this week. I was really surprised at this but pleased I had made some progress even on a tough week.

I have also struggled with my meditation this week. I just couldn’t get in the right zone to do it. Too much going on in my head and also feeling very tired and pain from my shoulder. Hopefully I can get back into it all this week.

Commuting has been a big part of the last week for me. Well it features all the time anyway because of work but this week I saw commuting from different angles. First I discovered a blog called Commute Blog. The blogger posts stories about people she meets on her commute on the Tube. A very simple idea and puts this post to shame. She said that she realised everyone has a story and she wanted to highlight these stories. It got me thinking about the people on my commute. I often see the same people but I don’t know their story. I suppose when you think about it we all have a story whether it is someone on a commute, or in the office, or in the pub we all have a story and something going on in our lives.

The other commuting experience this week was my train home on Thursday evening was cancelled/heavily delayed. The advice I was given was to find alternative transport. It is a sensible suggestion but on a Thursday evening when you are feeling low, tired and struggling all week it just makes it worse. I decided to head and get a coffee and then venture into hell known locally as Durham bus station. If you have never experienced Durham bus station you are very lucky indeed and at all costs I urge you to avoid as best you can. Sometimes though fate has other ideas and the transport gods have forced me onto this journey. Thankfully I only have 20 minutes to wait so I wait looking straight ahead whilst keeping a hand on my wallet and phone. The bus arrives and I get on and I head upstairs and get a seat. I don’t use buses much so I was surprised to see there are sockets and wi-fi. There is also an attempt at being the London Underground miss the reassuring “Mind The Gap” announcement  (I really love that announcement it is calming in a strange sort of way). Although the bus journey means I will be home a lot later it did allow me to finish reading my book. It was a scary journey though as the bus speeded off into the darkness exploring the delights of County Durham such as Ferryhill, Chilton, Woodham, Newton Aycliffe and Aycliffe. It was so bumpy and the driver was going so fast I was being thrown around like I was on a rollercoaster. So much so my Fitbit thought I was running. Anyway I survived and I am more thankful for the trains than I was.

The bus experience also made me feel old as a group of teenagers got on and were playing their music to each other very loudly. I was surprised it was decent music but unfortunately they can’t have been able to afford headphones as they seemed to be lacking. They’re trying to talk to each other but because they had their music on so loud they had to shout at each other. Quite amusing really. God I am sounding old. Well I am nearly 36.

OK let’s mention He Who Must Not Be Named. Trump is now President. The very phrase sticks in my throat but it is true and not an alternative fact. Within hours of his inauguration all mention of Civil Liberties, climate change, and LGBT rights were removed from the White House website. That sends a message of hate and fear and he is likely to take away rights as well. People say he is great looking after business but remember he is a businessman so he is only looking after his own interests when he supports big business.  A family member said they have a good friend who is now living in America and he spoke to him. His friend said “I’m Gay, my partner is Mexican what is going to happen to us?” I hope nothing happens to them but Trump has put freedom and liberty of recent people at risk. We all need to look out for each other and not let rights be taken away from us. My freedom has never felt so fragile even in here in the UK the shadows are there. So I won’t give Trump a chance.

So there you have it my  weekly blog post for the week and my last as a 35-year-old. Until next time.

Top Programme of the Week – Taboo

Top Song of the Week – Ed Sheeran – Castle on the Hill

Books I Am Currently Reading – Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking by Malcolm Gladwell