Ok I know I am behind on my blogging. Not only is my weekly blog late but I didn’t do my book blog for January. I will do a double book post this month to catch up. I would like to say they are delayed due to excessive Birthday but that’s not the case but I have had some other projects I have been working on.

So a week ago it was my birthday. I am now closer to 40 than 30 and this makes me feel old and a bit more aware of my own mortality .I see birthdays as a software update so that means I am on version 36. It sounds odd and implies we are all robots but when you think about it when there is an update on your computer sometimes it’s amazing and then other times it’s full of bugs and needs patches to stop crashes and flaws. A birthday is a new start an upgrade and sometimes it’s awesome and others are full of crashes. I’m hoping version 36 is a good one and an improvement on the last few versions.

My birthday was a great day. Thanks for the messages and presents it meant a lot. Sometimes messages just pick you up and you realise some friends know exactly what to say (See image at top). Honestly it really does and helped pick me up a bit. On the morning on my way to work I decided to have breakfast at Pret a Manger. To do this on way to work and find 15 minutes to sit and relax and have breakfast is a real treat. Usually I am grabbing coffee on the go. I used to do this when I started at my current job and got in very early for breakfast at Cafe Nero and sit and read. Don’t have that luxury now. On the evening I went out for food with my Mam and dad. It was nice as we haven’t done that as a family since before my dads operation in 2015. It was a big deal for all of us and it meant a lot.

As a birthday treat I went to the cinema to see ‘Manchester by the Sea’. It is a great film but very depressing and bleak. Still it is worth a watch and I wouldn’t grudge it doing well at the Oscars or BAFTA’s. Casey Affleck is great and plays a broken man very well. What I liked about the film was how it focused on a male character who was broken and how the various male characters deal with grief in different ways and how this affects their relationship with those around them. I would give it 4/5.

I spent the rest of the week ranting about Trump but I won’t on here. He isn’t worth it and I have four years of it so I will ration it out over this period.

To end I will leave you with this reassuring message from David Tennant. I’m still scared but it does help reassure me a bit.

Top Programme of the Week – Who Do You Think You Are?

Top Song of the Week – Dolly Parton – Better Get to Livin’

Books I Am Currently Reading – Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking by Malcolm Gladwell