Hi everyone and welcome to this weeks blog post. This week I will be talking about the Oscars, Lent, Ed Sheeran and dentist. So let’s get started.

Quite an intense week for me this week. A lot going on but hopefully getting there (wherever that is). It is always a tough week around the 4th March because it is the anniversary of my nanna’s death and this year it falls on a Saturday which was the day she died. It is one memory that has stuck with me that Saturday morning. As well as this I have had other stuff going as well. But that’s life isn’t it.

I have been recovering from my dentist visit and the antibiotics for my infection seemed to have been working so I am not in pain like I was which is a good thing. I do have to go back in a few weeks though for a clean although they call it therapy now. I will maybe let you know what it involves.

This week was the Oscars and what a mess they made of the award for Best Picture. I understand the wrong envelope was given but it did say ‘Leading Lady in a Picture’ on the envelope and the card did have Emma Stone’s name on as well as the film. Warren Beatty should have said something when he read this. He could have said there’s a problem here and it would have been sorted. The accountants involved also should have run on as soon as the problem was noticed and stopped it going ahead. Anyway the winner was Moonlight for Best Picture and LA LA Land won the most overall including two of the big awards so it still did very well. What I don’t get is the flack that LA LA Land is getting about the mixup. Some fans of Moonlight say LA LA Land is overshadowing the win for Moonlight. I don’t think this is the case. It was a very strange experience for both films. Yes Moonlight probably needed the win more than LA LA Land and it got it and people will remember this one more than others.

I went to see Moonlight this week. It was film that I wanted to see anyway before the win but as it had won I wanted to see what I thought of it. It was a good film that dealt with a very tough subject in a very honest way but I don’t think it deserved the win. I had seen four of the Best Picture nominated films and for me the winner from these four films was Hidden Figures. If it was between LA LA Land and Moonlight I think LA LA Land should have got it. It is just my opinion and the winner has finally/sort of/maybe been announced so it doesn’t really matter I suppose.

On Tuesday it was Shrove Tuesday which means pancakes. I did have some pancakes which were nice and will now wait a whole year before I have some more as that always seems to be the case. It also means Lent has now started and I was wondering what I was going to give up this year. I have decided to give up any online dating and dating apps. I think I need a break from them. They haven’t worked so far and constantly checking and searching and sending messages that aren’t replied to is depressing so that is what I have given up for Lent.

Ed Sheeran’s new album was out this week and I downloaded it and listened to it for the first time on my way to work. I had just got on the train and sat down when the song ‘Supermarket Flowers’ came on.It is a very emotional song and after the week I had and the day before the anniversary of my nanna’s death it was a bit much and I fight back the tears. Thanks Ed. That night he was on the One Show and he was going to be performing. Me and my Mam sat and watched and the song he performed was ‘Supermarket Flowers’. We were both in bits by the end of it. It is a beautiful song but an emotional one. I hope I don’t cry when I see him in concert next month and he performs the song.

Anyway that is it for this week. I think it is another busy week ahead and I have just found out today I have won tickets to see Olly Murs this week so that should be fun. Anyway I will speak to you all next weekend.

Top Programme of the Week – Broadchurch

Top Song of the Week –Ed Sheeran – Supermarket Flowers

Books I Am Currently Reading – The Cuckoo’s Calling by Robert Galbraith