Hi everyone and welcome to this weeks blog post. It is a bit late so sorry about that. This week I will be talking about trying to keep up with things and the wisdom of hairdressers. so let’s get started.

At the moment I have a lot going on and things are getting done but it is like I’m on a treadmill but it is on very steep hill mode. I have a lot going on at home, work is busy and need to find more time to work on Chartership, my to watch list on Netflix is growing weekly, I have hardly read any books this year and it just makes me feel like I am playing catch up. It isn’t how I planned things for this year but it is what I have so I have to make the most of it. I think I need to find some routine and allocate time for certain things.

At times like this when I feel as if I am not on the ball it can bring my confidence down. There was a moment this week where I felt out of my depth and it really knocked me. But I got it though it and that is the main thing. There is always something good to focus on and next time I will be better prepared.

On Saturday it was time for my monthly haircut. I like the salon I go to and my hairdresser is really good and easy to get on with. Like most hairdressers you get chatting and it turns out we both have similar things going on in our lives and he said it has made him think about things differently and I realised it has with me too. In just a short hairdressers appointment my confidence was lifted as I realised I wasn’t the only person feeling like that. So not only did I feel better for my haircut but also for the chat as well.

On Sunday I was at a family party to celebrate my aunt and uncles 50th golden wedding anniversary. It was a lovely day and nice to catch up with family members and celebrate this special day. It made me think that reaching this milestone is going to become less and less for relationships which makes it even more special and I was pleased to be there.

Well that is it for this week. sorry it is a bit short and late I will try harder next time.

Top Programme of the Week – Great Pottery Throwdown

Top Song of the Week –Steps – Scared of the Dark

Books I Am Currently Reading – The Cuckoo’s Calling by Robert Galbraith