Hi everyone and welcome to this weeks blog post. This week I will be discussing Article 50, National Kindness Day, adding colour to my wardrobe. So let’s get started.

I did think about starting this weeks blog post with a photo of me writing my blog as it seems to be the ‘thing to do’ this week. By that I mean having your photograph taking while writing something important. This blog isn’t that important so doesn’t need the photo. I might think about it for future blog posts though.

This blog post is also the first post for April 2017. After having a horrible March I am hoping to have some things in April. On past experience April tends not to be a good month for me but I have to hope this year is different. A new month also means I can start to get things back on track. Due to personal stuff going on some things have been put to one side in recent months but I need to get back on track. Anyway let’s get started.

I am sure we are all fed up of talk about Brexit and Article 50 and there isn’t anything we can do about it now as it is happening. As Article 50 was triggered this week I thought it would be difficult not to at least mention it here. A someone who voted remain I am concerned about what will happen. I hope it isn’t as bad as I fear it will be but at the moment with all the uncertainty and the tough talking between the UK and the EU I am not sure how it will be OK.

On Friday it was National Kindness Day. It is nice that we have these type of days although we should all be kind to each other anyway. It is ironic then that on Friday I had someone push me out-of-the-way on way home from work. The street wasn’t crowded and I was walking along now I have my headphones in but I am aware of people around me. Now as I was walking my phone buzzed so I got it out of my pocket and read the message I got. A woman walking towards me must have had a bad day or was simply just rude and was walking towards me instead of walking around me which she easily could have done she walked to the side of me and pushed me and tried to knock my phone out of my hand. She then quickly walked quickly away. There was no need for this. I was aware she was in front of me and there was space around me but she wanted to take her frustration out on me and just because she thought I wasn’t paying attention. It really shook me and if I hadn’t have been in a rush for my train I would have confronted her. Obviously no one had told her it was National Kindness Day.

Finally in the last week or so I have had a little bit of a spring clean and a sort out of my wardrobe. I realised that my t-shirts are mainly either black, grey or navy blue. There is very little other colour in my wardrobe. So I have got rid of some of them and for the time being I won’t be buying any shirts that are black, grey or navy blue. It is just too depressing to look at every day. So I started this weekend when I bought a new shirt. It is a red Wonder Woman t-shirt. This has brighter up my wardrobe and I feel good wearing it as well.


Final thing I had nice night out last night with friends. I can’t remember the last time I went out on a Saturday night (when did bar snacks start including free dog treats?) and it was good to go out and relax. So thanks guys for a great night it was just what I needed.

That is it for this week. Thanks again for reading and I will do it all again next weekend.

Top Programme of the Week – Line of Duty

Top Song of the Week – Ed Sheeran – Supermarket Flowers

Books I Am Currently Reading – The Cuckoo’s Calling by Robert Galbraith