Hi everyone and welcome to this week blog post. It has been a hectic week and very tiring both physically and mentally. This week I will be talking about coffee spillage, Going Live, and dentist. So let’s get started.

So as I said at the start it has been a hectic and tiring week. It is split evenly in all areas of my life so hard to relax and switch off but I have been trying make time to relax. One of the things from this week is that my Dad started chemo. I have been trying to decide whether I mention this or not but felt I needed to say something to explain my behaviour over recent weeks. Family already know and some friends and colleagues do as well but not everyone. I’m not wanting to say too much but his cancer has come back and it is a big blow for all in the family. We are just one of thousands of families going through this at the moment and it is just something you have to deal with no matter how tough and it is tough. We have huge support and we know everyone is there if we need them. Please don’t feel you need to say anything to me (it is easier for everyone if you don’t not being rude but I find it easier that way and it is easier for you as well as there is nothing you can really say) just carry on as normal as normality is what we need at the moment. So enough of this let’s move on to other things now.

On Thursday I had an accident with hot coffee on my way to work. I bought a coffee at Durham station and started walking with it. I left it a little bit to cool before drinking. I went to take my first sip and it went everywhere. The lid wasn’t on properly. I had hot coffee over the bottom of my face, on my jacket and my shirt. On top of this I had lost my coffee. I kind lady stopped to ask if I was OK. I said yes and then I went to try to clean up. The nearest toilet was closed for cleaning so I had to go to another. I stood there trying to hold it together and work out what to do first. My face was hurting, my jacket was covered in coffee and my shirt was covered in coffee. I cleaned my face, and then tried to work out if I could get away with my shirt at work. I really couldn’t. I looked at the t-shirt underneath but that was white and it showed up even more then. I realised by now my best option was to use flexi time and go and buy a new top. So this is what I did thanks to H&M (was going to be Next but they weren’t open even though they were meant to be). So overall a bad day and a coffee that turned into a very expensive drink.

I had a dentist appointment this week. I hate the dentist like many of you probably do but this was a follow-up to a few weeks ago when I had infection. thankfully things are a lot better but I had to go get them cleaned. They were calling this therapy but it was just a good clean. I didn’t get a sticker like I did when I was a child but I did get an interdental brush. Just one though and not a whole pack but still something I suppose.

While I am in a reminiscing about my childhood I want to talk about ‘Going Live’. Now if you grew up in the 80’s/90’s then Saturday Morning TV was just brilliant and that included Going Live presented by Philip Schofield and Sarah Greene and we were introduced to Gordon the Gopher. It was when Saturday Morning TV was for both children and adults.

It featured segment such as Double Dare, Growing Pains, Live Line, Trevor & Simon (swing your pants) and Press Conference. There were also cartoons but not sure which ones but I do think Dungeons and Dragons were on. Please let me know if you can remember. For me Philip Schofield and Sarah Greene were the best TV presenters. Ant and Dec were still PJ and Duncan up in Byker Grove and had not made it as presenters but had managed to scare a generation from paint balling. Now if you are wondering why I am reminiscing well it is  because this week on Facebook I was pleasantly surprised to learn that Philip and Sarah were reunited as presenters  for one episode of This Morning. I watched the beginning on catch up and it was just brilliant to see them back together. They really work well and should do more shows together so that others who are up with them can relive their youth.

So that is it for this week. Thank you again for reading and I hope I have a better week this week.

(I hope to finish reading The Cuckoo’s Calling soon as it is really hard going.)

Top Programme of the Week – The Last Kingdom

Top Song of the Week – Steps – Scared of the Dark

Books I Am Currently Reading – The Cuckoo’s Calling by Robert Galbraith