Hi everyone and welcome to this weeks blog post. A day late I know but it is a Bank Holiday Monday so it still counts as the weekend. This week I will be talking about wellbeing, opticians and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2. So let’s get started.

It has been a bit of tough week this week. My Dad had his second lot of Chemotherapy and although it seems to have been better this time for him there have been  other stresses from elsewhere which have made it tough at home over the last few days. This is frustrating as they shouldn’t have been issues but due to other reasons they have become issues. Still we will get through these things.

With so much going on I am neglecting my wellbeing. I can see myself getting more frustrated, tired, and I’m isolating myself. I need to break this habit and focus on getting myself back on track. April is always a bad month for me. So now that it is over I can start looking after myself. I need to focus on my health, my feelings, work, relationships and by that I mean friends and family (dating is not going to happen at the moment). I need to make sure I have people in my life who are good to be around and not causing me hurt. I also need to start to love myself which is something I struggle with anyway but even more so at the moment.

This week has been about getting things checked out. So first of all I had a dentist appointment and then on Saturday I had an appointment at the opticians. There was little change in my vision (slight improvement apparently) but I am getting some new glasses. My current prescription would be okay but I want some new glasses. Because I wear them all the time they determine my image and although two years ago my current glasses were what I needed I am ready to change. Because of the Bank Holiday I won’t be able to collect them until a few weeks time but there isn’t a rush. At least I now know my teeth and eyes are okay which is a start I suppose just need the rest of me sorting out.

When I went to the dentist I took the morning off work as I wasn’t sure how long it would be. It was all okay in the end so I had some time for myself. This involved buying some books and having a coffee. I got the train to Durham and still had time before I was due in work so I thought I would have a quick visit to the Cathedral. Although I see it everyday I don’t visit as often I would like. But I thought I could do with some peace and reflection. When I arrived it was a building site well a building site for a film set. Although nobody would confirm what it was it has since emerged that this coming week the new Avengers Movie is filming in the Cathedral (either that or they are having refit). So when I visited during the week it was full of green screens and fake walls being built. I’m guessing it is meant to be Asgard or another Kingdom/realm as it did have a Nordic feel to it.

Although this is very exciting especially this coming week (although very unlikely I will see anything) it did mean there was no peace and quiet in the Cathedral which is what I wanted really. I will just have to visit another time.

While on the subject of MARVEL films. I went to see Guardians of the Galaxy vol.2. I really liked it and is probably one of my favourite MARVEL franchises. It doesn’t take itself too seriously and has a good cast and has plot and even some subplots which you don’t often get in MARVEL films. The opening scene with Groot is brilliant and he needs a film of his own. Chris Pratt is great as Star Lord and I just couldn’t take my eyes off him. It is a good film and certainly helped take my mind off things for a few hours which I needed. I would give it 4/5.

Well that is it for this week. Thanks for reading I do appreciate it. I will be back next weekend with another blog post.

Top Programme of the Week – Line of Duty

Top Song of the Week – Steps – Story of a Heart

Books I Am Currently Reading – Days Without End by Sebastian Barry