Hi everyone and welcome to this weeks blog post which is late again. This week I will be talking about new glasses, Eurovision, Mental Health Awareness Week and Police Dogs,. so let’s get started as I am late as it is.

Lots has been going on last week and that is partly why I am late with my blogs as I just seem to be playing catch up with things at the moment. Whether it is work or home there is always something going on and I feel sometimes I am on a treadmill but it is on very speed and I am running fast so I don’t fall flat on my face as there is no safety cord like in a gym. Still I am putting things in place to sort things out. Some are just little things but need to be done to help other things happen.

Last week was also Mental Health Awareness Week. It is great that we are slowly starting to talk publicly about  mental health but there is a lot to do still but we can do it. We should allow people to talk about how they feel and not make them feel bad for doing so. We all have tough times and despite what you may think it’s ok not to be ok and to say you are not OK. How often were you asked today how are you? A few times I guess and how many times did you reply “I’m fine”. Exactly most of the time I am guessing even if you weren’t fine. I’m just as guilty of this as anyone. I know there is a time and place to say how you feel and that’s why we say “I’m fine”. It has become more of a greeting rather than a statement or declaration of how we are really feeling. So if you aren’t fine and you feel the situation is right then say so. Talk to someone, make time for that chat over coffee you have been putting off for weeks. It can make the difference.

This week I got some new glasses. I am pleased with them for a couple of reasons. One I like glasses so I enjoy getting new ones maybe not as keen on paying for them but I do like them. The other thing is that glasses are a statement. They define your look and getting new glasses is a way to start to change my image. This is one of the thing is one of the things I was referring to at the start of this blog post. Here I am with my new glasses.


I now just need to work on the rest of me. What do you all think? What should be next?

At work we had a visit from the police community dogs Jet & Ben. It was for a stress less campaign. I am not a dog person but I did like to see them. Now if you live in Durham area you may remember back in the day at school having a visit from Jet and Ben. I certainly did. Now I realise that the Jet and Ben I saw as a child were different dogs. They just replace them and give them the same name. It is like being lied to as a child when your pet fish dies and you think it is buried in the garden only to find out 30 years later it was just flushed down the toilet. What is it with adults not telling the truth about pets.

Finally it was Eurovision last week. This is the first one since Brexit and it did divide opinion. I think Lucie Jones for the UK did really well and it was good song and performance and probably should have done better. Some critics complain it is a waste of time and money, or it’s too camp and not serious enough. I don’t see the problem with it. Millions of people watch it around the world and yes it is silly and a camp but in a world which is becoming scarier each day don’t we just need  dancing gorilla or some guy pretending to play the saxophone while dancing. Yes we do so embrace the campness, the silliness and just for a few hours once a year just switch off from everything.

Well that is it for this week. I will try harder and get my blog out on time at the weekend. I hope you all have a good week and I will speak to you all at the weekend (unless you message me on social media or I see you in person)

Top Programme of the Week – King Charles III

Top Song of the Week – Lucie Jones – Never Give Up On You

Books I Am Currently Reading – House of Names by Colm Toibin