Hi and welcome to this weeks blog post. It has been a tough week for everyone and the weekly ramblings in a blog seem insignificant compared to the events of the last week. Still we need to keep doing what we are doing and live life as we normally do. So this week I am going to talk about kindness, wellbeing and hot weather. So let’s get started.

In last weeks blog I talked about a work trip to Manchester and my love for the city. This week like everyone I was shocked at the tragic event that happened at the arena. It is still hard to get my head around. What stood out though from this terrible event was seeing kindest from other people. Hearing the stories of strangers helping others from hotels and local people letting people take shelter, taxi drivers taking people to safety at no cost,  to people giving first aid to injured, to just showing support to those affected. At even the darkest times there is good to be found and Manchester shone brightly with the kindness  of strangers showing hate won’t win.

We are capable of goodness but we are all guilty at times of forgetting to look out for others or even noticing the good things that are going on in our lives. So far this year I have been writing down each day at least one good thing that hs happened in my life or that I have seen. It seems impossible to do everyday but it is not so why not try it and look at the events that have happened in your life each day and you will see something good so take the time to think about this.

I now want to talk bout wellbeing. This has been a big thing for me this year and something that I have struggled with and still do. Focussing on good things in my life has helped but it is still tough at the moment. I found this week tough with events that happened in Manchester and with what is going on in my life at the moment. I have felt quite run down as well so glad there is a long weekend. What has helped this week though are little things from friends and colleagues so thanks to those who have helped.

Finally we seem to have had a bit of a summer this week. Nice sunny weather surely makes us all feel good. Well it helps yes but let’s face it we struggle with heat in the UK. We do our best but we just can’t do it right can we. Especially when it comes to fashion. Men seem to be wearing really short shorts. Like 70’s style. What is this about? It is great they are confident wearing them but seriously they are not appropriate in public. I have boxer shorts that are longer than some of the shorts guys are wearing. Then there is the whole socks and short debate. Personally I don’t think a man should wear shorts and socks but it appears men are doing this and it turns out it is fashion to wear odd socks. Is this creative fashion or just laziness because you can’t be bothered to air your socks up after washing. Final hot weather fashion disaster. Leggings particularly skin coloured or white. They are not a good look and you if are one of these people who wears them then you need to ask yourself what type of friends you have as any good friend would have staged an intervention to prevent this happening.

Well that is it for this week. I will be back with my weekly blog post next weekend but I am planning on doing a special election blog post during the week so if you want to hear my views on the election my predictions then look out for it in the next few days.

So for now bye for now.

Top Programme of the Week – The Durrells 

Top Song of the Week – Little Mix – Love Me Like You

Books I Am Currently Reading – I Can’t Believe You Just Said That: The Truth About Why People Are So Rude by Danny Wallace