Hi and welcome to this weeks blog post. I am so glad it is Sunday and that the last seven days are over. Not been the best of weeks. In this weeks blog post I will talk a little bit about why and also talk about Wonder Woman. So let’s get started.

First some apologies. I said I was to write a blog post during the week about the election. I have started it but as you will learn other things have been going on so it took a back seat. Hopefully I will get it done this week. The second apology is to friends who have had birthdays in the last week. I know a lot of you have had them and I didn’t send my usual birthday greeting due to events this week. So sorry about that and Happy Birthday to all my friends who had a birthday in the last seven days.

OK so this week has been tough and I am not going into too much detail but want to say something. My dad was taken into hospital at 1am on Wednesday morning due to him having a possible infection. It was of course a worrying time especially getting a phone call at 1am saying an ambulance was on the way. It turned out to be not as bad as they were fearing but he did need some antibiotics and was kept in a few days. He is now home and we are just trying to look after him.

Family and friends have been great and I can’t thank them enough of their help and support. I won’t lie I’ve struggled this week but I have kept going because of the support I have had and I think my skin has got a little thicker.

So that’s why I haven’t done my election blog or wished friends Happy Birthday. I am hoping for a quieter week this week. I don’t expect things to be amazing I just want things to be OK. I hope that is achievable.

OK enough depressing news. Let’s talk about Wonder Woman. I went to see the new Wonder Woman movie this week. It helped take my mind off events although I felt guilty for doing this. I have happy memories of watching the TV series  of Wonder Woman on a Saturday afternoon with my nanna (along with British Wrestling and Super Gran). Happy days they were. I was looking forward to seeing the movie after seeing Gal Gadot’s performance in Batman V Superman last year. I enjoyed the film but I have one criticism and that is there was no need for Chris Pine’s character and we saw too much of him (and in one scene we certainly saw a LOT of him). It should have been about her. she is a strong independent woman and it should have been about her and although at times it was other times it was about him and that wasn’t right. Hollywood had a chance to showcase a strong female lead and they watered this message down with Chris Pine. Still it was a good film and I look forward to seeing her in Justice League later in the year. I would rate the movie 3.5/5.

Finally I just want to say my thoughts are with all those affected by the terrible events in London last night (Saturday night). Huge respect to emergency services once again for doing their job in terrible circumstances. Let’s all look out for each other and not late hate win.

Top Programme of the Week – Dr Who

Top Song of the Week – Madonna – Joan of Arc

Books I Am Currently Reading – I Can’t Believe You Just Said That: The Truth About Why People Are So Rude by Danny Wallace