Hi and welcome to this weeks delayed blog post. This week I will be talking about a work trip to London and Brexit 1 year on. So let’s get started.

First things first apologise that the blog post is late this week but I have been a bit run down and tired and it has all caught up with me in the last few days. I need to have some power breaks (like power naps but a short break but long enough to recharge my batteries). Anyway here is what I have been up to this week.


On Thursday I was in London for a conference. The event was at the Royal Institution of Great Britain and took place in the famous Farraday lecture theatre. I have seen this lecture theatre on TV so many times. From Farraday himself to David Attenborough to Prof Brian Cox they have all been here so from my science geek side it was a huge honour to be there.  The conference was interesting and I got talk to other library folk who do similar roles to me which is really useful. I just now need to find the time to follow-up on some of the things discussed. Hoping to link this into my Chartership work which has fallen a bit flat lately. IMG_9386

I had a little bit of time after the conference before my train home so I had brief look around. It was time for me to stop and think and take things in which I haven’t
been able to do recently. This month has been crazy so a bit of time to stop was much appreciated. I had a look in the Lego store and then a quick walk to the South Bank before getting the Tube to Kings Cross. The South Bank in  London is one of my favourite places and I it was where I got thinking about myself and where I am in my life and events of this year. I’m not sure how it all made me feel but I think I needed to have some time to do this. I think it had some effect as I seem to have been tired and run down since and that often happens when I to quote Frozen “Let It Go”.

Last week was also a year since the EU Referendum and it is clear that the result has really divided the Country and a lot of damage has been done. Since the 23rd June 2016 we have had an unexpected General Election (possibly another later this year) 2 Prime Ministers (possibly a 3rd to come), the Union has looked its most fractured, increase in hate crime, divisions between north and south have grown, between old and young generations etc. It is certainly not the best of times that’s for sure. It doesn’t matter now how you voted it is over with. But we can all be agreed it has left us in a big mess and I don’t think it is going to get better anytime soon. We can’t do much about the politics but we can look after each other and show respect. We seem to have forgotten how to do that as well but it is time we remembered and it might help a bit.

I’m off to get some sleep. Thank you for reading and I will try to be on time next weekend.

Top Programme of the Week – Dr Who

Top Song of the Week – James Blunt – Don’t Give Me Those Eyes

Books I Am Currently Reading –  The Ministry of Utmost Unhappiness by Arundhati Roy