So we are in July and over half the year has gone over and I thought it would be good to look at the last 6 months and see how I am doing with my resolutions and how things are going generally. 

Ok this year hasn’t been the best so far. Like many people I had hopes and aspirations but then life sometimes doesn’t want that and hit you with a curveball and I have had a few already. My Dad’s Cancer coming back wasn’t something I expected and it has shaped how things have gone this year so far and will continue to do so for the rest of the year I am guessing. Still there have been good things as well and this blog post is chance for me to reflect on these as well as the things that need more work so here we go.

Category Red

Get My Own Place – Rating so far: 0/5

I said I believed this was a key resolution of changing my life and I still stand by this as I can see a lot of benefits for me to this. Reality of it happening is low particularly with my Dad being ill. To move out and leave my parents when they are relying on me more than ever would be wrong on many levels even if it is what I need for me. I will see how things go and won’t rule it totally as things can change but it is looking unlikely this year.

Date – Rating so far: 1.5/5

I said at the start of the year I would make more of an effort this year with dating and I tried early on this year. I rejoined online dating sites and apps with little effect. I have given someone my number (they never rang by the way) and had possible dates but not sure if the other person realised they were so don’t think it counts. Basically I need to get my act together more and be less vague with guys I like and put more effort in. So far the only first dates I have been close too is the TV show on Channel 4. It is clear nobody is going to ask me so I need to ask them. I need to be confident in me.
Put my wellbeing first – Rating so far: 2/5

After a tough year last year I wanted to focus on my personal wellbeing this year. I said I would do some activities such as switch my phone of one day a week, have a good things journal, meditate, hugs (Did I really say this I hate hugs), spend 1 day a month all bout me. All great steps to improve my wellbeing but not kept them up. I did start the year spending one day a week switching off my phone and honestly it felt weird but great. Problem is I need my phone on now with my Dad being ill incase my Mam needs to get in touch etc so I have had to abandon this even though it is a good idea and I briefly did see some benefits. I have been doing a good things journal. What I do is write down at least one good thing that has happened that day. This helps me focus on the goof things rather than the negative and even on dark days such as finding out my Dad’s illness I still could find something good that day to focus on. I  did try meditation at the start of the year. Partly through tips from Tom Daley’s book and the Headspace App. I haven’t kept this up but some techniques I do try occasionally during the day if I find things are getting too much. Spending 1 day a month all about me is a great idea but  not happening that often. I have probably done it 3 times this year but could/should have done it more. Finally I haven’t done hugs and doubt I will (remember never trust a hug it’s just a way to hide your face).
Get healthy and improve fitness  Rating so far: 1/5

Probably like most people I started the year planning on losing weight and like many I started with good intentions. I was trying to eat healthier and was doing exercises from Tom Dailey ‘Daily Plan’ Book. My body and possibly the Universe wanted to remind me though that I was 36 this year and I was never going to be Tom Daley and taught me this lesson through me pulling my shoulder and spending a few weeks in pain. The book now sits on my book shelf looking smug but I will be back for round 2 soon. I am aware I am out of shape and my diet has got worse and my struggle with my body image is still a big battle. I need to get back on track with this as I know from previous years with even just a little effort I can make steps.

Category Amber

Learn to Drive – Rating so far 0/5

Quite an optimistic one and I haven’t done anything about it yet. I will say though the idea of driving to me is the most appealing it has ever been so I can see this happening sometime. Whether that is this year remains to be seen.

Have Fun – Rating so far: 1.5/5

Fun? (sound of me hastily looking up definition in a dictionary can be heard). I have struggled with this and I think this is linked to my wellbeing resolution. If someone is struggling with their wellbeing the idea of having fun is a big deal. That with other factors such as my Dad’s illness have made it hard to have fun. I have done things fun so for example I have gone to the cinema more, I have been to some concerts, theatre, I went to Edinburgh but that is about it. I need to do more. No matter how bad things are I can still have fun and I shouldn’t feel guilty for doing so.
Friends – make time for friends old and new – Rating so far: 2/5

I think it is fair to say may circle of friends has decreased or it feel that way. Those I do have a great and are certainly the right people I need around me. I know I’m not always easy to get along with but the right friends see through that. I need to be better though. I need to get back in touch friends I have lost touched with. Let’s have that coffee, or drink or cinema trip. I am not as sociable as I was. Even at work I rarely go to the staff room for break and I should go more and talk to colleagues and friends more instead of sitting on my own somewhere staring into my coffee.
Save More – Rating so far: 1/5

I have saved a little bit this year but I certainly could have done more. I have been in a better position with my savings in previous years so I know it is possible I just need to get back to this position.

Category Green

Go to more live music – Rating so far 4/5

At last a resolution that I have made significant progress on. Last year I only went to one concert. So far this year I have been to two. I won tickets to see Olly Murs which was a surprise but I really enjoyed it. I also went to see Ed Sheeran in concert which was great especially as he is probably the biggest male artist in the world right now. So things are looking good on this resolution. I am due to see Steps later in the year as well.

Travel/holiday – Rating so far 3/5

I had low expectations for this resolution and I originally said my focus would be on moving out so unlikely to get some time away but possibly a weekend away. Well I did manage a couple of nights away in February in Edinburgh which was good so meets this resolution albeit briefly. I have had night away in Newcastle as well when I went to see Ed Sheeran. I have travelled a couple of times with work but just for the day going to Manchester and London. I have also applied to renew my passport (technically I did this in July) but will sneak it in to this update. At the moment planning ahead is difficult but if there was a chance of a holiday this year it would be appreciated. Normally the idea of sitting on beach for a week is my idea of holiday hell but right now I would do anything for it.

Bake at least once a month – Rating so far: 0/5

After winning the work bake-off last year I decided hat this year I would bake more. Maybe it was down to the shock and excitement and got carried away (rather like Jeremy Corbyn is at the moment on his power trip) that I put this on my resolutions. I have yet to  dust anything in icing sugar or avoid a soggy bottom so I have some work to do in rest of the year.

Be more organised – Rating so far 1.5/5

I have tried to be more organised. I have set my deadlines, written lists etc but I need to do more. I need to get to grips with my Chartership and arrange a set time a week on this, I need to allocate more time to the Staff LGBT Network as well. I need to be more organised with work generally. It has been a bit better this year but there is always more I can do.

So there you have it. I would probably rate my year so far as 1.5/5 which is low but it could have been worse. Other highlights from the year to mention are seeing filming of George Gently and new Avengers Movie, animals at work and visiting the Faraday Lecture theatre with work. I look head to the rest of year with uncertainty on many levels but that is what life is all about so over the coming months I will update in my weekly blog post and then hopefully sum it all up in December this year with my final round-up. Let’s see what happens folks.