Hi and welcome to this weeks blog. I want to start by saying thank you to everyone for the comments for last weeks blog post. They were very kind and it was lovely to read other  memories of my Dad as well. This week though about moving on and I will be discussing National Theatre Live, and wellbeing so let’s get started.

This week was me about me trying to get back into a routine. It is tough to do not only because of stuff at home but other aspects of my life seem to be going through major changes as well. People are coming and going, there’s lots to do and amongst it all I am trying to hold on to where I am for now just to get my breath and it is getting there but things are still spinning. I am seriously thinking about a holiday even just a long weekend. It is just about trying to find a time to do it and where to go.

On Tuesday night I went to the cinema to watch theatre. It was to see the National Theatre Live encore screening of ‘Angels in America Part 1: Millennium Approaches”. I have never been to see a National Theatre Live Screening before but I really wanted to see this show and it was the only practical way of seeing it. I was meant to see it on the Live broadcast a few weeks ago but it was the same day my Dad passed away so missed it.

I wasn’t sure what to expect of the experience but I found it really good and at times forgot I was in a cinema. It is of course not the same as actually being at the theatre but this way I was able to see the show and you got to see the cast close up which you may not have seen in the theatre. It is a long play and thankfully had 2 intervals for toilet breaks and for the odd G&T and Ice-cream.

The show was great. I only knew a little bit about the play and was surprised at how funny it was at times even though the topics discussed are hard-hitting. Andrew Garfield was fantastic and deserves awards for his role. I was also impressed with James McArdle who plays Louis Ironson. I thought he was brilliant in the role and I also found myself really liking the character as well. I haven’t done any acting since last year and I found myself watching this show and in particular this character thinking I would love to play that role on stage. Doubt it will happen but it is one I would love to try if the opportunity ever came along.

Although I have been busy this week and trying to get back on track I have been thinking about what I want to do. It is like the dust is settling and I can now start to see what has fallen down and where I just need to pick them up in some sort of order.

Well that is it until next week. The summer reading blog is almost ready so keep an eye out very soon. Thanks again.

Top Programme of the Week – Game of Thrones

Top Song of the Week – Coldplay and Big Sean – Miracles (Someone Special)

Books I Am Currently Reading –  The Underground Railroad by Colson Whitehead