Wow it has been a while hasn’t it since I posted a blog post. Sorry for that I hope this one makes up for it. This week I will be talking about wellbeing, Manchester, LEGO, World Cup and looking ahead.

So what have I been up to lately. I haven’t had much time to do much. I have had a lot going on in my head and I still need to make some decisions about things. This time of the year is when you are over half way through the year and you look at resolutions and aims for the year and realise you need to start work on somethings or maybe adjust them to my reality. I will be doing my review of the year so far blog post soon.  I have also been watching more of the World Cup than I expected to.

For a while I have felt as if I couldn’t stop and slow down. Things that I would regularly such as a tidy at home or blog or sit and watch Netflix were becoming difficult to do.I just couldn’t catch my breath. I was either at work during the week and then a weekend I would be doing things for my Mam and then dashing off to rehearsal and then back to work during the week. now I know may people have lives like this and if you have a family it is even worse but often you have that support. For me I feel on my own. Not driving doesn’t help and that’s my fault. It has been tough and I was glad to get a break in Manchester a few weeks ago.

I love Manchester and I discovered that there was a LEGO show on a few weekends ago. I booked it earlier in the year before I realised how much I would need the break. I went on the Saturday and came back on the Monday. Sitting there on the train heading towards Manchester was so relaxing. I felt as if all my worries were being left behind. I arrived to a sunny and very hot Manchester. After dropping my bags off at the hotel I headed up to Media City. If I had thought ahead I would have booked a BBC tour but sadly I hadn’t so I made so with selfies with the TARDIS, Cut outs of Tess and Claudia and sit on Arthur Fowlers bench. Outside there was also the Blue Peter Garden. I grew up with Blue Peter and although this is the new garden with some things moved from original in Television Centre in London it was still good to have a look. It will be the closest I will get to being a Blue Peter presenter.


I had a walk around Salford Quays and I could see the moor fires in the near distance. Scary to think how close they were to the city. It was very hot though and I mean hot. After a break for food I headed back to the hotel. My hotel was a bit more upmarket than normal. It was a nice hotel although I am not used to people fussing so to have staff ask if everything was ok and stuff was a bit odd for me. Maybe I just need more practice at it. It also turned out that the Indian Cricket team were staying in the same hotel. Now I know very little about cricket so I couldn’t tell you who anyone was but as there were fans getting photos with them I’m guessing they were quite famous but I don’t know. If they are then my claim to fame is a shared a lift with some of them.

My room had great air con which for Manchester you would think wouldn’t be needed but it was this weekend. While resting from my trip Media City I watched the France v Argentina game which was great. Later that night I had food and had walk to Canal Street. I feel as if it is an obligation now when I visit Manchester. It was my second time there in a month. It was very busy and after one drink and headed back towards the hotel. I did find a nice pub near my hotel which was showing the World Cup so I watched the football. What has come over me? I’m watching football in a pub.

The next day was the main reason I was in Manchester. it was the Lego event Bricktastic at Manchester Central. In the last 12 months my LEGO interest has grown as has my LEGO collection. Having joined a local group I have head about the various around the country. Bricktastic is one of the largest and it was in Manchester so it appealed. There were some massive displays as well as smaller displays and stalls. I know it sounds nerdy but I love the little detail in the scenes especially with Mini figures. There was also the opportunity to build. People were being asked to build a LEGO Bee and it would be later displayed in the shopping centre and sold to raise money for the victims of the Manchester bombing. I did take part although my build seemed quite fragile but at least it is for a good cause.


Last year on TV there was a show called LEGO Masters and the winners were at this event. I got to chat with Nate and it was nice to talk about the show and see his displays including the actual trophy they won. I didn’t spend too much at the event but the local LEGO store was a different story. Some others from the LEGO Group I’m in were also there so I got see them which was nice. It is nice to do new things and meet new people. It is something I need to do more of.


I spent the night watching the World Cup in the pub again and it really was a great way to end the day. I had some time in Manchester the next day which I used to have good look around the shops before coming home. This weekend away had come at the right time. I was feeling worn out and stressed and this trip made me take the time out to just catch my breath. I know I have come back to the same issues and I have the decisions to make but it allowed me to switch off for a bit which was needed.

So the World Cup is drawing to a close. I have really enjoyed it and watching a lot of the games. I am pleased how well England have done and especially pleased for Gareth Southgate. I remember back in 1996 when he missed the penalty and was made a villain. This World Cup has seen him become a national hero who has brought respect back to the game, made waistcoats fashionable again and because of this boosted M&S clothing sales. I know some people don’t like football and that’s fine but it is hard to be critical of something that has brought some joy to the country. Things are great in the UK s it was nice to see all the home nations supporting England. It seemed everything was in sync. The weather, the team and the quality of football was all just top-notch. I am predicting France to win.

Now I am back in the real world and catching up on things. I have a lot to sort out and I am not sure whether I am building myself back up brick by brick or building walls. Hopefully I will be in better state soon.

That is it for this blog post. Sorry it has been a while.

Top Programme of the Week – World Cup

Top Song of the Week – Cher – Fernando

Book I Am Currently Reading –  Notes on a Nervous Planet by Matt Haig