Hi and welcome to this week’s blog post. This week I am talking about my love of autumn, Christmas and being a spectator. So let’s get started.

I know I keep mentioning it but autumn is my favourite season. The reason is because it is a reminder about the joy of nature. It is nature’s finale for the year. We have had the drama of winter, the anticipation of spring and the long summer days. With autumn it is nature’s way of bringing the seasons for the year to a close. It is full of beautiful colours in the trees and that autumn smell in the air. The nights are starting to get shorter and the days colder. It means the joy of jumpers, scarves, hats, pumpkin spice latte and hygge.

Maybe it is because of the colder weather but I have heard a lot of talk this week about Christmas. People have started Christmas shopping, planning Christmas parties, the Christmas lights are already up in town, Christmas coffee’s are already in Costa. It is only October! I love Christmas but it is still too early. Let’s get Halloween and Bonfire night over with before we embrace Christmas otherwise it isn’t special. So Gingerbread Latte you are just going to have to wait until 6th November.

This week I went to see Darlington Green Theatres latest production ‘A Bunch of Amateurs’. In recent years I have taken part in the shows but this year due to a combination of time and the play not appealing to me I didn’t put myself forward. 10 months of Lego, work, struggles with wellbeing and confidence meant I’d didn’t have the time. It was the right decision but it does mean it is odd sitting in the audience and not on stage and it made me realise something. I have been a spectator on my life this year and I have mixed feelings about this. I think I needed it to some extent but now is the time to start living again. Whether I do acting next year who knows? What I do know is that I need to get myself out there and embrace what comes along. With regards the show I enjoyed it and all involved should be proud of themselves.

That is it for this week. thank you for taking the time to read this. I hope you all have a good Halloween. Until next time bye for now.

Song of the Week – Westlife – My Blood

Top TV Programme of the Week – Dublin Murders

Book I Am Currently Reading – How To Fail by Elizabeth Day

Top Podcast of the Week – Dan Snow’s History Hit