This week I am talking about wellbeing, Halloween , taking time out and believing in myself. So let’s get started.

First of all a confession. In last weeks blog post I said I wasn’t having anything to do with Christmas until 6th November.The music, the tinsel, the mince pies and the Christmas coffee could just wait a while longer. Well this week I have giving in and had my first gingerbread latte of the season. I can’t justify it really I had a moment of weakness (several this week but more on this later). Even if I didn’t order a Christmas drink Costa is already using the Christmas cups so it would still look like I was having a Christmas drink when I wasn’t. Anyway lets move on.

It was Halloween this week and thanks to a delay to Brexit we are still thankfully in the EU. Anyway enough of politics. I was a bit underwhelmed with Halloween this year. Mainly because I didn’t really do anything but also the lack of Trick or Treaters. We only had 3 knock on the door and the last was a group of lads who were dressed up but then as they left smashed the pumpkins next door and knocked bins over in the street. There was no need for that. I did build some small Halloween LEGO scenes but nothing major. Next year I need to join in some events.

This week has been a bit intense for me. I’m off next week at work so spent a large amount of this week making sure everything was up to date or in place for next week. As well as that I stuff going on at home as well. I felt quite exhausted by the time I left the office on Friday night. In preparation for my time off I think I let my defences down and this is when doubt creeps in. I greatful however I now know who I can turn to for help and advice which I did. After a particular bad day I got into work to an email from someone who wanted to check in with and see how I was. I was a lot better that day and let them know but such a simple thing made a big difference. It also reminded me about me needing to check in with myself more. I think this is something we could all do more.

This week was a reminder for me that I need to believe in myself more and trust my instincts. Whether that is to do with other people or making a decision about something I need trust myself more. I need to be my cheerleader (now there is an image nobody wanted) before I can expect others to cheer for me.

Right I am going to have a few days now to myself. Hopefully clearing my head and checking in with myself. It has been long over due.

Song of the Week – Lauv – Fuck, I’m Lonely

Top TV Programme of the Week – Queer Eye ‘We’re In Japan’.

Book I Am Currently Reading – How To Fail by Elizabeth Day

Top Podcast of the Week – Dan Snow’s History Hit