Hi and welcome to my latest blog post. This is looking back at the last couple of weeks as I haven’t had chance to post it until now. In this blog I will be talking about wellbeing, Kodaline, Lumiere and Shildon Brick Show. So let’s get started.

So I was back at work after my week off and I had lots to do. The holiday soon seemed like a distant memory and by the middle of the week I was having a bad time with my wellbeing. Luckily I had a day and a half off work as I was going to a gig. It did help taking time out but my confidence was hit badly because of what happened. Last week things continued a bit. It was getting me to me but I decided to draw a line under it and move on. On Friday I had a bad day and instead of carrying it with me into the weekend I decided to do something good and bought some food for a local food bank. The day might have been bad but by ending on doing some good I was drawing a line under it and it really did work.

I mentioned I was going to a gig and it was to see Kodaline. I have liked them for a number of years but never had the chance to see them live until now. The set list was:

  • Follow Your Fire
  • Brand New Day
  • Ready
  • Honest
  • Brother
  • Way Back When
  • Head Held High
  • The One
  • Moving On
  • The Answer
  • Love Like This
  • One Day
  • Raging
  • Love Will Set You Free
  • Wherever You Are
  • All I Want
  • High Hopes

I was really close to the front so I had a great view but I was fed up with people trying to force their way to the front especially with the terrible lies such as “I am an official camera person and all they had was an old iPhone 6 and the official cameraperson was already at the front with a proper camera”. Another thing I realised after the gig was that I am too old to stand and suffered for it the next few days.

The other week was also the return of the Lumiere light festival in Durham. I always enjoy it as it is nice to explore the city I work in. The light installations all fit with the local surroundings. This year was the 10th anniversary so saw the return of some favourites such as the snow globe and my favourite the miners vests in the cathedral. There were also some new installations. One of them was in the Chapterhouse of the Cathedral and was the word ‘Hope’ lit up. It was lovely and a great chance to see this part of the Cathedral (it was used as Professor McGonagles Classroom in the the first two Harry Potter films)always good. There was so much to see and do that I had to visit two nights to see it all. I prefer an event like Lumiere to firework display time . Just another two years till it returns now.

The other weekend was Shildon Brick Show. This is the large a Lego show the Brick Alley put on. I wasn’t displaying this time (hopefully get the chance at Discovery Bricks in May) instead I was helping with the activities such as the balloon car and speed builds. It was a great weekend and the highlight was spending time with other AFOL’s. The group is very social focussed and that is great and it is always a fun to meet up with everyone.

Well that is it for now. Hopefully I will get back on track with my blog posts and life in general.

Top Songs: Kodaline – Love Will Set You Free & The Script – Run Through Walls

Top TV Programmes – His Dark Materials & RuPauls Drag Race UK

Book I Am Currently Reading – Once Upon A River by Diane Setterfield

Top Podcasts – Shakespeare and Company & Dan Snow’s History Hit