Hi and welcome to this weeks blog post and the first for December this year. This week I will be talking about wellbeing, Frozen 2 and getting ready for Christmas. So let’s get started.

November was a hectic month. It was going to be about me taking time for myself and looking after my wellbeing and at the start it was thanks to my holiday in Edinburgh but after that it just got very busy and I allowed things and people to get to me and knock my confidence. This week was about bouncing back which I have to an extent but it hasn’t been easy. We are now in December and there is just a few weeks of the year left. I am not wanting to wish them away and will try to make the most of them but I am also looking forward to the New Year as well. My wellbeing has taken a battering this year and I said I wouldn’t let that happen this year. I plan to make the remaining weeks of the year count so that I can go into 2020 with a head start.

This week I went to see Frozen 2. Now I am not going to spoil it for anyone. What I will say is that I did enjoy it. I liked that it wasn’t just about Elsa this time. It was emotional, funny and entertaining. Olaf is still the true star and Kristoff still has a strange relationship with reindeers but charters have moved on. We are reminded we are all older and things have changed. Sequels don’t always work but this does. The songs are great and really grow on you particularly ‘Lost In The Woods’ and ‘The Next Right Thing’. Go see it.

Finally Christmas. I think I have been sounding like the Grinch at work lately. Saying it is too soon for Christmas. I do get why people started early. Not just the shopping but the putting up of the decorations. The year has been bad for may people and we are fed up of the terrible news each day so we just wasn’t something nice and Christmas allows us that chance. It is time for a few weeks to forget about the doom and the gloom and embrace the festivities. Now it is December it is OK to embrace it all. My Christmas music is now on my iPod and Spotify playlist for the month. My advent Calendars (yes I have 3 – All LEGO) are all up, I want to watch Christmas films, anyone up for a panto visit let me know, baking. Basically I want to go all out Christmas.

Thank you for reading and have a good week.

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